15 Reasons for Foreign Tourists Not Bored to Return to Indonesia!

By | August 1, 2019

Still wonder why why Caucasians often come to Indonesia? In fact, there are those who prefer to settle in Indonesia rather than their own country, and these are 15 reasons for foreign tourists not to be bored to return to Indonesia. Apparently they have many reasons why Indonesia is their chosen country to vacation and settle, out of 15 reasons for foreign tourists Tired of returning to Indonesia does this make sense to you? If you are indeed an authentic Indonesian, you will be very proud of why 15 Reasons for Foreign Tourists Are Not Bored Back to Indonesia, we should understand it deeply, and how very romantic Indonesia is …

1. Indonesian cuisine

Food in Indonesia is truly very prima donna for all inhabitants of the earth, there has never been a dish that is so delicious, so it makes it difficult for the tongue to forget its taste, because Indonesia itself is a country with lots of spices and also delicious, not only that just why 15 Reasons for Foreign Tourists Not Bored to Return to Indonesia because also the price is very cheap and very cheap but can enjoy the cuisine of cuisine in the world, here are 15 Reasons for Foreign Tourists Not Bored to Return to Indonesia!

2. Indonesian Tradition and Culture

Indonesian culture is the best culture in all of Indonesia, you will not find a culture that is extraordinarily great besides in Indonesia, which is why many countries in the world are eager to claim this Indonesian culture because Indonesia is also a paradise of culture in the world.

3. Cool Tourism Various in Indonesia

Indonesia is a cool tourist paradise, amazing, and various forms of tourist attractions in Indonesia, here are 15 Reasons for Foreign Tourists Not Bored to Return to Indonesia, Because it is very charming and enchanting Indonesia with its tourist paradise.

4. Famous Indonesian Mountains Abroad

Mount Rinjani, Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru and many more mountains in Indonesia are very popular for foreign tourists who make it comfortable because of admiration and beauty in Indonesia, this is one of the targets of foreign tourists, namely Mount.

5. The coral reef is no less beautiful than Maldives or Hawaii

Coral reefs in Indonesia are numerous, not inferior to maldives or Hawaii, extraordinary Indonesian charm makes this a reason that is 15 Reasons for Foreign Tourists Not Bored to Return to Indonesia because of the beauty that never ends when surrounded.

6. Lots of Hidden Heaven

So extensive Indonesian tourism, so beautiful Indonesian tourism, so fascinating Tourism in Indonesia to so many cool tourist attractions in Indonesia that have not been touched by humans.

7. The twin Ora Maluku beaches are Maldives

This Central Maluku Ora Beach is a twin of Maldives, a twin as well as in Hawaii, so perfect in this country of Indonesia, even if we truly understand it will be very unable to say other than “perfect tourist Indonesia” because it is so complex and extraordinary .

8. oceans, mountains and islands are all beautiful.

What favor do you deny? We should be grateful to be able to see (For those who can go around) And we should be proud even if we only hear that Indonesia is a paradise in the world, heaven of all things.

9. Which other countries have Komodo Island, if not in Indonesia

Komodo Island is only 1 in this world, namely Indonesia alone, so great Indonesia to endangered animal species that only want to live in Indonesia, and become Komodo Tourism in Indonesia.

10. Cheap Backpecker

Backpecker to Indonesia is the most pleasant destination for foreign tourists, because of the very low cost, living in their home country for foreign tusists at a cost of 1 month, they can live here for up to 4 months, very cheap, right?

11. Has 7 Wonders of the World

Indonesia is very influential in the world, especially with one of the 7 world wonders that Indonesia has, namely the Borobudur temple, a temple that would never be possible for humans to build, a temple that can only be built by lelembut, and who is the most famous owner of soft shells not human from Indonesia.

12. Mentawai Island has waves for world class surfing

For you surfers, who has never heard of Mentawai Island? Foreign tourists surfing lovers must have heard of this island with special waves.

13. Rich Beautiful Waterfall

Not all countries have waterfalls. But in every area in Indonesia has a super beautiful waterfall, a very special waterfall. In Indonesia we cannot count the thousands of waterfalls in Indonesia, this is the reason why tourists also feel at home in Indonesia.

14. Has a city that never sleeps

Indonesia has a city that never sleeps, besides Hong Kong and New York, Indonesia also has cities that never sleep, such as Jakarta and Bali and also Jogjakarta..

15. The Most Friendly Country in the World

Who does not know the most friendly man in the world, not only Japan and Korea, but Indonesia is ranked as the first most friendly human in the world. The friendliness of the Indonesian people is what makes the Caucasians feel at home going back and forth to Indonesia.

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