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By | December 10, 2018

The discussion this time takes place 21 This winter tour in Japan is very famous, Japan is a country located in East Asia with the capital city of Tokyo. We as Indonesian people certainly know the country of Japan because Japan has a historical record in Indonesian occupation. Japan is often referred to as the land of cherry because it has the most beautiful views of cherry blossoms in Japan or the sun rises that’s not all but Japan has 21 tours in Japan winter that are suitable for making out. Japan is one of the advanced countries in Asia, even Japan is one of the countries that has a standard of living in the world rankings. Based on its geographical situation Japan is an island-shaped country consisting of 4 main islands. Most of the plains of Japan are mountains, the highest mountain in Japan, Mount Fujiyama, have you known 21 Tours in Japan this winter? Let’s discuss further.

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Unlike the climate in Indonesia, Japan has 4 seasons including spring, summer, autumn and winter. Winter is a phenomenal thing for Indonesians because the country of Indonesia does not have winter so many Indonesians vacation in countries that have winter. One country that is visited a lot during the winter is Japan. In this discussion we will discuss some places that can be used as references when going on vacation to Japan during the winter. Here are 21 tourist attractions in Japan during the winter, including the following.

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1. Sapporo Snow Festival

Vacationing to Japan during the winter is interesting, one of the places that can be visited is the Sapporo Snow Festival. Sapporo Snow Festival is the biggest winter event in Japan that takes place regularly since knowing 1950. The festival is held precisely in Sapporo, Hokkaido. As for this festival there are various exhibitions such as exhibitions of various sculptures made of snow and ice, then there is competition in carving snow which is used as a statue and can be participated by all participants from various countries around the world. Various carvings from ice vary widely from small to large-sized houses. One of the best spots to get a beautiful view is to visit Sapporo TV Tower, which is located east of Odori Park. Sappporo TV Tower is open from 09.00 to 22.00 Japanese time, and is charged a price of 720 yen / person.

The venue for the sapporo festival is in 3 areas including Odori Park, Susukino and Tsudome Districts. The show, which is located in Odori Park, is a variety of works made of ice with a theme that has been determined by the organizing committee, this year the theme is the Final Fantasy VII. In addition we can also see Star Wars made of snow and several other works. At Odori Park, we can also enjoy typical food and drinks from Hokkaido. The second place is Distri Susukino, in this district we can see about 60 works made of snow that have the theme of enjoying the ice and also the place for ice sculpting contests. The last area is Tsudome in this place where there are very fun snow games like snowmobile, bumber ball, snow raft, etc.

2. Shirakawa-Go

Shirakawa Go is one of the best places in Japan. Shirakawa Go is a place that belongs to the part of Shirakawa village. Shirakawa Go is located in the pegnungan region and is located in the Shogawa River Valley valley. One of the things that attracts tourists is that the houses of local residents are still in the form of traditional houses or called gassho-zukuri. Gassho-zukuri has a tapering form with a high degree of slope and has a large size. The roof was made so that when thick winter snow does not easily damage the roof, the gassho-zukuri roof is replaced within about 20 years.

Traditional houses in Shirakawa Go have more than 100 years of age and it is said that there are some houses that have 4 centuries of age. Shirakawa Go is a place that has been recognized by UNESCO so that the gassho-zukuri is deliberately preserved. If you are on vacation in Shirakawa Go a variety of activities can be done starting from staying at the Minshuku, or if you want to soak can take a dip in the Onsen and tour the village of Shirakawa. The route to Shirakawa Go can be reached by bus from Kanazawa. Apart from these routes, you can use the Nagoya route by using Meitetsu Bus or Nohi bus from Takayama.

3. Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort

Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort is a resort located in the city of Echigo Yuzawa which is famous for having high snowfall. Gala yuzawa is perfect for those of you who like skiing, the height of the snow resort ranges from 1,181 m to 358 masl. Gala yuzawa is directly connected to the station so that when you arrive at the station you can directly borrow various equipment for skiing, snowboarding, etc.

Activities that can be done at Gala Yuzawa are skiing, for skiing rates of 4600 yen for adults and 2300 yen for children the price includes the cost of riding the gondola to go up the mountain and down the mountain. In addition, we can soak in hot spring baths and surround mountainous areas. The gala yuzawa operating hours are from 08.00 to 17.00.

4. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Tateyama Kuroba Alpine Route is one of the famous tourist attractions in Japan. The snow height in this place reaches 7 meters and sometimes even reaches up to 20 meters. We can see the beautiful snow scenery covering the streets when visiting Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route.

For tourist attractions in Japan during the winter the route to this place can use Toyama Chiho Railway, Tateyama Cablecar, Highland Bus, Tateyama Trolley Bus, Kanden Trolley Bus and Ogizawa-Omachi Bus. Some of the best places around Tateyama Kurobe include the Shomyo Waterfall which is the highest water in Japan with a height of 350 meters, Murodo Station, Tateyama Murodo stopover, trolley bus which is the only bus without exhaust gas, if you want to soak you can visit mikurigaike hot spring. What are you waiting for, make this Tateyama Kurobe Apline one of the tourist attractions that you will visit when traveling to Japan.

5. Niseko

Niseko is located on the island of Hokkaido and is a tourist spot in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is one of the snow islands which is a paradise for skiing. Every year during the winter there are many foreign tourists who come to visit Niseko, besides being a paradise for skiing, Niseko also has enchanting natural beauty.

Various activities that can be done while visiting Niseko include skiing and going to the Oyonuma hot spring lake. There are several places to ski in Niseko, one of which is Niseko Gramd Hirafu Ski resort, the largest ski resort in the Niseko region for entry tickets of 4,700 yen / 8 hours and 4,000 yen / 5 hours, the price does not include rental fees ski equipment and also gondola tickets. Some other ski resorts around Niseko are Niseko Village Ski Resort and Niseko Annupuri Ski Area.

6. Shiga Kogen

Shiga Kogen Ski Resort is the largest ski area in Japan even one of the largest areas in the world ranking. Shiga Kogen has 21 ski resorts that join together so that even though many visitors are not bothered to serve them. Shiga kogen has a very large land, this can be proven if you want to surround Shiga Kogen, it takes about 2 days. The northern part of Shiga Kogen is flanked by two mountain Saju which have a height of 2000 meters and the southern part is a hot spring from the peak of Mount Yukote.

The ticket price for Shiga Kogen is 4800 yen, the price includes all activities that can be done in Shiga Kogen. Besides skiing, snowboarding and playing snow we can also fish because around Shiga Kogen there are several small lakes. Well if you get tired after skiing in Shiga Kogen, staying is one of the best choices, because there are already many hotels and even up to 100 hotels with complete facilities. If you are hungry and looking for halal food, just relax there are lots of halal food in Japan. Vehicle access to go to Shiga Kogen is by bus from Yudaka Station or you can also take a bus from Nagano Station.

7. Takaragawa Onsen

Takaragawa Onsen is located in Gunma precisely on the edge of the Takaragawa river. In addition to skiing or playing snow, one of the activities that can be done while on vacation in the winter is to soak. Takaragawa Onsen has been established for 30 years, but until now this place is still visited by many tourists. The route to Takaragawa Onsen, if you are from Tokyo, can be reached by car in about 2 hours.

Soaking in natural hot spring baths during the winter is certainly very pleasant because it warms the body besides that by taking a dip in takaragawa can eliminate aches, gout, and various neurological disorders. If you want a spa there are several places that can be visited, namely Tonaegawa and Osenkaku. If you want to take a bath, but don’t want to mix with the opposite sex in Takaragawa, there are plenty of bathing options, there are female baths, especially for men, and there are mixed baths or mixed men and women. There is no doubt about the problem of cleanliness, takaragawa Onsen has a clean and maintained environment.

In addition to these seven places there are still many tourist attractions in Japan that you can visit during the winter.

Here are other tourist attractions in Japan during the winter that you can visit:

Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Area
Blue Lake Furano
Gunung Fuji
Jogokudani Monkey Park
Gunung Fuji
Japanese Winter Food
Resort Ski Fujiten
Snow Town Yeti
Tokyo Tower
Fujimi Panorama Resort
Museum Fujiko F.Fujio (Museum Doraemon)
Museum Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura
Harajuku Takeshita Dori

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Thus the recommendations of several places that can be visited while on vacation to Japan in the winter. Be sure to prepare for all the preparations for the winter, prepare for winter clothes so that no items are left behind and read various travel tips to Japan. Happy holidays and hope this article is useful.

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