6 Free Sports Applications on Android Smartphones

By | May 28, 2019

6 Free Sports Applications on Android Smartphones

Do you like to exercise? Exercise is a very important thing to maintain a healthy body. But in fact, there are still many people who are lazy to exercise for their own good.

Some are reasonable because they are busy or do not have time to go to the fitness center. But now that is no longer the reason, why? Because now there are many smartphone applications that will help you do sports at home though.

Offline Sports Application on an Android Smartphone

The existence of smartphones indeed brings many positive impacts in our lives. Now many application developers are developing software for health purposes. Some of these applications are designed to help us exercise both at home and at the gym. The following are recommendations for offline sports applications on android smartphones that you can download for free.

Sworkit: Workouts & Fitness Plans

Some people are lazy to do sports because they don’t know how. And maybe they don’t have enough money to bring in a professional trainer. But that is not a problem anymore because there is already a Sworkit application that will become your personal trainer. This one APK will provide a free and complete guide to sports to maintain our body fitness.

7 Minutes Workout

As the name suggests, this one application can help us nourish the body just by exercising 7 minutes a day. How to? Of course you just need to read the complete information and guidance in this application. He will help you to shape your body or just lose weight.

NIKE+ Run Club

Running is practically a simple and inexpensive sport. Anyone can do it if they have the will. And this one APK will accompany and simplify the running exercises that you do. Popular since 2014, this application is indeed able to provide guidance for sports enthusiasts. But not only that, he can also provide motivation so that we do not give up easily in undergoing training.

Daily Workouts

Want to have the ideal body weight? Then start with enough exercise. But how? Please ask the Daily Workouts application. He has around 95 practice video tutorials that can help you lose weight to be more ideal. Only with sports ranging from 5 to 30 minutes every day, can it be realized.

Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking

It seems that the giant technology company Google also wants to pay attention to the world of health. They created this one application so that people can do sports easily. He can help you monitor your fitness level and calculate how many calories you have burned due to sports activities. Looking from the developers themselves, there is no need to doubt the quality.

Freeletics Bodyweight

Feeling insecure about the shape and weight of your body? Want to realize a healthy life and ideal body shape? It’s time for you to try the Freeletics Bodyweight application. As the name suggests, it will be very beneficial for people who want to do exercise to lose weight. No need to imagine hard training, because here there are various simple sports but guaranteed effective.


That is what we can share about the 6 Free Sports Applications on Android Smartphones. Where with this application, now you can exercise at home. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.

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