8 Travel Destinations on Sumba, Like in Hawaii

By | July 27, 2019

Needless to say, Indonesia does have a lot of amazing natural beauty. It is not only Bali that is Indonesia’s tourist attraction, now there are many regions in the archipelago that attract foreign tourists.

One that should not be underestimated is Sumba Island. The nature of East Nusa Tenggara has a very strong appeal. Not only from the baharinya tour, green and wide hills are available. Curious? Here are some of the beauty of Sumba Island that deserves a thumbs up!

1. Bukit Wairinding

Once the location of a photo shoot of several Indonesian public figures, Bukit Wairinding is located in Pambotanjara Village, Waingapu, East Sumba. You will find a stretch of beautiful green grass in the wind.

The savanna will be green during the rainy season and will turn brownish yellow during the dry season. Who has been to Wairinding Hill?

2. Pantai Puru Kambera

Located 25 kilometers to the east of the City of Waingapu, Puru Kambera Beach has beautiful white sand and clear blue sea water. If you visit there, you can also find a stretch of green savanna not far from the beach location. Usually also seen a few horses that are engrossed in eating in the green field.

3. Persawahan Mauliru.

Traveling in the fields is not a common thing that many people do while on vacation. However, it’s different if you visit Mauliru Rice Field on Sumba Island. The Mauliru area is one of the attractions of East Sumba. An aesthetic stretch of green rice fields will be an interesting photo background!

4. Danau Weekuri

There is no doubt about its beauty! Lake Weekuri has salty water due to its high salt content. The lake which is located in West Sumba Regency has clear water that can hypnotize tourists to swim. No need to fear drowning, high salt levels in the water can float your body, how come!

5. Pantai Mandorak

Guaranteed not to regret it, even if you come to Mandorak Beach! This beach occupies the second position after Lake Weekuri as the best tourist attraction on Sumba.

You can find it in Sumba Barat Daya District. The charm of this beach is no less attractive to the beach in Hawaii, you know! Uniquely, this beach is behind a steep cliff that makes it look even more charming.

6. Air Terjun Lapopu

Lapopu Waterfall is the highest in East Nusa Tenggara. The location is inside the Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park area, precisely in Lapopu Village, Wanokaka District, West Sumba Regency. This waterfall is storied with the flow of water not directly into the pond, but still in steps. Very beautiful!

7. Pantai Nihiwatu

It’s not as famous as Kuta Beach on the island of Bali. However, this beach is one of the destinations for surfers, both from domestic and abroad. Nihiwatu Beach is also known as God’s Left. The waves on this beach is one that the world surfers want to conquer.

8. Pantai Ratenggaro

The waves on Ratenggaro Beach are quite high and long, so the surfers drool want to conquer them. The location is in Sumba Barat Daya Regency. If you want to tour nature and culture, visiting the beach is the right choice. There is a Ratenggaro Traditional Village located near the beach.

No less beautiful than nature in Hawaii, right? Sumba Island does have its own unique charm that cannot be doubted! If in Indonesia alone it’s cool, you don’t need to go far abroad, right?

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