Best Places to Visit in Singapore for Free with Couples

By | August 3, 2019

Want to take a trip to Singapore with your couples? But you are afraid that a lot of money will be incurred? Take it easy, I will tell you places to visit in Singapore for free. That place is Marina Bay Sands, a romantic place. Well, here are places to visit Singapore for couples, although not free but cheap!

1. Marina Bay Sands

The highlight of the Marina Bay Sands area is the plaza’s event area. I really enjoy sitting in this area during the day while looking at skyscrapers. Plus, there is a Spectra Light & Water Show that is held every night starting at 8:00 p.m. The Marina Bay Sands water and light show is attractive and beautiful. In addition, window shopping inside is also pretty fun. These are a number of events to provide more experience than the glory of shopping. Don’t forget to also pass the Helix Bridge when visiting here. This board architecture is beautiful to photograph.

2. Merlion Park

Here there is a Merlion statue which is an icon from Singapore. Indeed, this is a very unexpected destination for tourists who first came to Singapore. But it really feels incomplete to go to Singapore without a photo with the background of this lion-head fish statue. Apart from the Merlion statue, this area is also quite pleasant for sightseeing and photographs.

3. Gardens by the Bay

With an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 101 hectares, Gardens by the Bay is very broad and divided into several areas that can be visited. Of course not all areas can be entered for free but the areas that can be visited for free are also no less charming with the paid area. One example is we can enjoy Garden Rhapsody Music & Light Show. The music and light show at Supertree Grove which is held every night starting at 7:45 a.m. is very nice and beautiful. My advice, come here early to find a spot that is pretty good to get a good perspective.

4. Orchard Road

Here there are rows of malls and shops on both sides of the road. Besides being able to window shopping, sitting in a chair on the sidewalk while looking at the hustle and bustle that happens around is quite pleasant. Suitable for those who like to be in the center of the crowd and pay attention to people passing by. When you get here, don’t forget to buy uncle ice cream that is sold here. The price is quite cheap, only SGD 1.20 but has a good taste.

5. Haji Lane

Apart from the area that holds history, Haji Lane is actually just an alley with rows of shops and cafes. But this place is one of the destinations in Singapore that many tourists hunted because of its walls filled with paintings or graffiti. The right destination is visited to get good photos for Instagram.

6. Sultan Mosque

Only about 5 minutes walk from Haji Lane, you can get to the Sultan Mosque. The mosque which was built in 1924-1928 is one of the oldest mosques in Singapore. Apart from the architecture, I like the concept of this mosque which is not only open for worshiping Muslims but also for other religious tourists who want to know what kind of place of worship Muslims are. The officers also made sure the visitors dressed politely enough to enter the mosque by giving a robe. And to ensure the sanctity of this place is maintained, not all mosque areas are open to tourists.

7. Resort World Sentosa

Many attractions at Resort World Sentosa require visitors to pay but if you only want to hunt photos of Singapore icons, you can do it for free. An example is a photo with a globe Universal Studios can be done free because this globe is outside the entrance to Universal Studios. From the globe, you can continue the trip with the Sentosa Express monorail for free and only one station has arrived at Sentosa Merlion. This 37 meter tall statue is the highest Merlion in Singapore. If it doesn’t go into it and only the photos in front of it don’t need to pay for the entrance ticket.

8. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Having more than 10,000 types of plants, this place is the right destination for those who want to feel closer to nature. The park, which was founded in 1859, received the UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 4, 2015. It has several parts such as the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, Healing Garden, Foliage Garden, and The Learning Forest, all of which can be entered for free, except National Orchid Garden which pays entrance tickets for SGD 5.

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