Celosia 3 Happy And Fun Night Bandungan Semarang

By | February 4, 2020

Celosia 3 Happy Night is a Tourist Jujugan in Bandungan which is the biggest tourist area and the best tourism in Semarang, Central Java. In Semarang City, there are much potential tourism that you must visit, but the best tour in Semarang now is in Bandungan in Semarang Regency, none other than Celosia Park 3 Happy And Fun which during the 2019 Eid holidays is the main destination for tourists is the Place tour in bandungan semarang, previously there was also the Celosia 2 Park which has a typical Korean Ala park which is famous for epic photo-taking during the day but for Celosia 3 Happy And Fun Night Bandungan Semarang is indeed like the title above namely Celosia 3 Happy And Fun Night which is more stable to visit at night.

Celosia Happy Fun

Celosia 3 Happy And Fun Night Bandungan Semarang is not the only park in Bandungan, but many other tourist destinations are also equipped with various supporting facilities such as hotels and restaurants and many more places for your family to vacation in bandungan. this rare.

Who has never heard of the name of Bandung Tourism bandung? And now, one of the favorite tourist destinations for families, which is popular or popular right now is the Celosia Flower Park as the Best Tourist Park in Semarang, located on Jalan Gedongsongo bandungan semarang, Km 0.5 in the Candi Village section, Bandungan District, Regency. Semarang.

Wahana Taman Celosia Facility 3

The biggest and best flower park in Central Java, besides presenting a selfie photo spot Celosia, this best park also provides dozens of rides to complement the facilities in the Park Celosia 3, as for other rides in this best park such as scooter drift, selfie in water, skybike, and a mini roller coaster.

Photo of Celosia Park Bed and Breakfast

Below are some pictures and photos from Celosia Bandungan park.

Even at the start of the 2019 Eid holiday, Celosia opened a new vehicle namely Celosia Happy Night (CHN). So tourists do not need to be confused about where to go at night. Go straight to Celosia Happy Night, which is open until 24.00.

“Previously, we were only open in the morning until late afternoon. Now the night tour has opened, namely Celosia Happy Night (CHN) with the theme of the jungle night,” said Andi Afriansyah, Manager of Celosia.

CHN still carries the concept of a garden with various types of flowers combined with miniature cities in the world. More interesting and unique, there is a lantern garden which is certainly very instagramable. For tourists who bring family, it is certainly very appropriate to try the sensation of the night atmosphere here.

“We opened CHN, last Thursday (6/6) and immediately drew the attention of tourists. Starting to be opened until now, tourist visits have continued to increase. So far in Bandungan there are no tours until the evening, so we started it and the response was pretty good,” he added. Andi Afriansyah.

Meanwhile, one of the original native tourists from Bandungan, Ikik Zia Arisky said the CHN added to the atmosphere of Bandungan at night the more lively.

Not as usual when it was night there was nothing to enjoy. Now this with the CHN add night tourism destinations in Bandungan

“The place is fun for photographs, of course, romantic and happiness. Quite spacious, so we are satisfied to go around enjoying this beautiful atmosphere. If you are tired of staying in the cafe in the middle of the tourist area. The idea is good and there is no second in Central Java,” he said. This resident of Rancaengkek, Bandung, West Java.

Entrance Ticket Celosia Happy And Fun

Naaahh for those who are curious about the price of admission in the park Celosia Happy And Fun is relatively very cheap, for the entrance ticket per person is Rp. Celosia Happy And Fun in bandungan the best park in Semarang is definitely cheap.

Maybe while this is enough information from semawur.com for the Celosia park category, the best tour in Semarang. hopefully useful for those of you who want to take a vacation.

For a little video you can see below, the video I took from YouTube who knows what is important I take it on YouTube.

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