Dago Dream Park, Bandung Tourism

By | April 9, 2020

As one of the new tourist attractions in Bandung, Dago Dream Park, which first started operating in 2016, has attracted the attention of the public. Many people come to visit not only those who are domestic tourists but also many foreign tourists who come to visit.

You who are looking for interesting tourist attractions around Dago are definitely obliged to come to visit one of the tourist attractions in Bandung, which is open in the morning until tonight. The morning atmosphere gives an unforgettable excitement, while the evening gives romance that is second to none.

What is the excitement of the tour that you can feel and enjoy when visiting Dago Dream Park Bandung? Here we will provide a complete review for you. Don’t leave before reading to the end, buddy!

Dago Dream Park Bandung Tourism Review

Address: Jalan Dago Giri KM 2.2, Mekarwangi, Pagerwangi, Bandung
Map: Click here
Opening hours: Open at 09.00 WIB
Price of admission: IDR 25,000.00 for weekdays and IDR 30,000.00 for weekends

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Dago Dream Park Bandung is a tourist location not far from the Dago Atas tour. You can reach Dago Dream Park very easily because there are lots of public transportation that can even take you to these tourist attractions.

Dago Dream Park is a tourist attraction that is present to provide a variety of playgrounds which will certainly make your vacation in Bandung even more memorable. Especially those of you who like selfies, going home can definitely collect a lot of photos that you aim at every inch of this Dream Park tour.

Not to mention the atmosphere in the tourist attractions Dream Park is very cool so it is suitable to relieve fatigue from the frenetic urban. You will feel beautiful and very calm in the Dream Park.

In addition to providing abundant selfie rides and presenting a pleasantly cool atmosphere, Dream Park Dago is also present providing a facility called family arena for those of you who want to create a sweet moment for your family vacation at this Dream Park Dago tour.

Here, you will find approximately 8 family arena rides that you can explore with the uniqueness in each of those family rides. You can also enjoy the sensation of super exciting and romantic night tours when traveling and vacationing on this one tour. Don’t forget to capture your moment here and be sure to bring a camera to get the perfect picture.

Tourist attractions Dago Dream Park usually becomes one of the Dago Bandung tourist destinations which are always crowded with tourist visits. Especially tourists who want a vacation with family and children – definitely choose this tour as an attractive tourist destination for them to visit.

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Everyone can feel the pleasant sensation of travel in this Dream Park for sure. If you are not a problem with the crowd, coming to Dago Dream Park on weekends is not a problem. However, for those of you who feel the crowd is one of the travel problems that you should avoid, then you can come to this tour on weekdays because visitors are usually less crowded than on weekends.

Another advantage with traveling on weekdays, you also need to pay tickets cheaper than tickets that must be paid on weekends. So weekdays can make you even more economical, friend!

Not only can holiday tickets be saved, transportation tickets can also be economical because they are usually much cheaper. So take advantage of all the savings – save so that your vacation is fun without draining the bag for sure!

Oh yes, Bandung also doesn’t only have Dago Dream Park, you know, there are still many other tourism potentials that you can visit.

Transportation Access to Dago Dream Park

Dream Park Dago whose address is on Jalan Dago Giri Km. 2.2 Mekarwangi is located not too far from the Dago Atas Bandung tourist area. You can travel to Dream Park in just 5 minutes by driving.

After you find the Dago terminal, then there is a fork. At the fork the left access to Dago Giri, while the right leads to the Dago Pakar tour. Well, for the ticket you can take the left lane to arrive at Dream Park Bandung.

If you come to Dream Park from the direction of downtown Bandung, you need about 30 minutes drive to get to the location. As a travel tip for you, if you intend to come to Dago Dream Park, it is better if you leave early because the Dago area is often jammed in the afternoon especially if it is already on holidays or weekends.

Tourist Facilities at Dago Dream Park

Regarding what tourist facilities available at Dream Park are quite complete. All public facilities can be accessed here. You will find a large parking area, toilets and so on that is quite easy for you to find.

Because of the vast area, there are also facilities to get to the location within Dago Dream Park in the form of a small bus that is unique and can be used as an entrepreneur access to this Dago Dream Park. You who ride the bus will feel another sensation, of course. You can also have fun on the unique buses available.

Tourist Spot at Dago Dream Park

For you who travel in Dago Dream Park, you will find various kinds of tourist spots in this tourist spot. You can capture the moment or relax there. Some tourist spots in one of the latest Dago Bandung tours that you can use include:


Games that can be felt at Dago Dream Park are certainly very suitable for families. You who want to invite your family to ride other transportation can try having fun at this Row a boat spot. In this spot you can walk around the pool using a small boat that can fit 2 to 3 people.

In Row a boat, you can paddle and go around the pond. Certainly very exciting! If you happen to bring a family of more than 3 people, you can rent several boats in this Row a boat.


If you are a snake ladder game lover, you can enjoy the big snake ladder version in Lost in paradise. You can go down stairs with a variety of obstacles that you can choose and there are slides too you know!


If you want to see buildings upside down, you can enjoy them in anti-gravity. You can imagine how life in this world would be if the Earth’s gravitational force were reversed or reversed.

In this vehicle, you will find a joglo house upside down with all its contents also placed upside down. Surely taking pictures here will be something very unique and you can feel. Really recommended!


For you tourists who want to capture a romantic moment with your partner, you can take action on the Love Seat tour in Dago Dream Park for sure.

Up house

Up House is a photo spot in the form of a small wooden house that has a balloon decoration on the top.

Up House is a tourist vehicle similar to a house flown by balloons in the animated film UP. If you want to feel the sensation of taking a photo you just have to take a photo, crop it down so that it’s not too visible then upload it on your social media! Guaranteed to be cool not to be born!

Sky Tree

Wherever the Instagram attractions are, there must be a sky tree spot. In Dago Park there is also this instagramable spot. Types of vehicles such as Sky Tree are commonly available and come with a variety of different names in various hits in Indonesia.

You who visit can take pictures with great fun in this spot. Concerning the safety, you don’t need to worry because the security is pretty good. Safety tools prepared are also quite complete.

Alladin carpet

The Alladin Carpet tour platform is in the form of a platform wrapped in a rug as if you were riding a flying rug if you took a photo here.

This one vehicle is very unique and interesting. Alladin Carpet can withstand a maximum weight of 120 kg. So you can take pictures together with your partner here too. You only need to calculate your body weight, whether your weight is still at the maximum limit of 120 kg or not. If not, just take one picture. Don’t force your will for your safety too, friend!

Sky Bike

Sky bike is now one of the must-have photographic vehicles to make your photography spot. Many tourist attractions here are present offering a place to take pictures on a floating bicycle, one of which is also in Dago Park.

Taking pictures on Sky bike allows you to get a very good picture captures. Photos with a beautiful pine forest background from a distance you will feel by posing through this Sky bike spot.

Geared up

The vehicle called Geared up is very suitable for children. You who bring children – children are really obliged to invite them to enjoy this tour vehicle.

In Geared up, we can rent bicycles and small rickshaws and then drive around the existing tracks. Certainly, children will feel the excitement of playing here.

Kampung Dayang Sumbi

In the area of ​​Dayang Sumbi Village, you will find a number of traditional houses that have neat layouts. You who are accustomed to living in the city and miss the atmosphere of the village can feel it here. You will feel how the village atmosphere certainly makes you feel at home while in Kampung Dayang Sumbi.

The atmosphere is very unique and will be hard to forget. Aside from games and various photo spots, there are also many other spots that you can see! If you are satisfied playing around in various tourist spots in Dago Dream Park, you can also try culinary in Bandung if you are hungry.

Many of you know the potential of culinary tourism which certainly can spoil your stomach after a tired day of tourism.

Hotel in the Dago Region

For those of you who are traveling in Dago Dream Park or traveling in other Dago Bandung natural attractions and you feel you need a place to spend the night after a day of vacation, there are several hotels in the Dago area that you can make an alternative overnight.

The price is very varied, you can choose the lowest price and fit your pocket. Booking a hotel in Bandung Dago through a hotel booking application that has many promos can also be really you know.

Some hotels in the Dago area that you can make an alternative for your overnight stay include:

The Palais Dago Hotel Hotel

The first recommended for you who are on vacation in the area around the Dago area is The Palais Dago Hotel. You will feel very comfortable with the services and facilities available at this hotel.

The Palais Dago Hotel is a hotel that has an antic and luxurious design. You can take photos with a luxurious architectural design that is presented. The hotel is perched firmly with 21 rooms which are also equipped with various amenities such as toiletries, hairdryers, TVs, air dryers, and also refrigerators.

Although there is no swimming pool available at The Palais Dago Hotel, The Palais Dago Hotel remains a mainstay for staying. Moreover, you will find a classic but beautiful and unique building that is perfect for your photo hunting.

Mainly you who are looking for a great photo to support prewedding activities can really do it at The Palais Dago Hotel. For overnight rates, you just need to provide a budget starting from 360 thousand rupiahs. With this rate, one room can accommodate as many as 2 guests.

The room at The Palais Dago Hotel is suitable for you who incidentally is a married couple. You are on holiday with a girlfriend or a boy – you can also rent 1 room for two people. Besides being close to Dago Dream Park, The Palais Dago Hotel is also close to several entertainment and shopping centers in the Dago area.

Access to various places in Dago is less than just 5 minutes which can be reached on foot.

Sangkuriang Dago House

The location of House Sangkuriang Dago is on Sangkuriang Street. This hotel is a hotel that has characteristics that make it unique and different from other hotels.

The building is thick with art deco architectural style that was very popular in Bandung in the 1920s. As for the interior, the hotel is designed with a distinctive warm impression and is certainly ready to make visiting tourists feel like they are at home.

This three-star hotel comes in several room types, including the 26-square-meter Sangkuriang room, the 30-square-foot Siliwangi room type, and the 30-square-meter Family Suite type room that has two separate private rooms.

Each room is equipped with various supporting equipment ranging from tea and coffee makers, mini bar, cable TV to the deposit box. Everything is there and of course, you will be comfortable during your stay at Sangkuriang Dago House.

Scarlet Bukit Dago Pakar Hotel

Scarlet Bukit Dago Pakar Hotel is a hotel located in the Upper Dago area. Scarlet Bukit Dago Pakar Hotel is one of the hotels in Bandung.

For those of you who want to spend the night in a luxurious and glamorous atmosphere, you must indulge yourself to spend the night at Scarlet Bukit Dago Pakar.

Around the Scarlet Bukit Dago Pakar Hotel area, there are a variety of cafes and restaurants offering views of the city of Bandung which are very beautiful and romantic, especially at night.

Or in other words, this hotel is a hotel in Bandung that is synonymous with a romantic impression.

Regarding the price of room rent per night, the price of the course varies depending on the type of room. For the cheapest room types, room rental rates are offered per night starting from 300 thousand rupiah. Interested in staying overnight at Scarlet Bukit Dago Pakar Hotel? Do not delay!

Lotus Art Garden Hotel

Lotus Art Garden Hotel is a 3-star hotel in Bandung which has 16 rooms with a very beautiful view. There are several types of rooms that could be your overnight choice at the Lotus Art Garden Hotel, including:

  • Grand Deluxe Pool View
  • Deluxe Classic
  • Grand Deluxe Garden View
  • Grand Deluxe Deluxe
  • Classic Family Suite
  • Suite
  • Suite Room

Each – each room is also equipped with several facilities ranging from a desk, in-room, television, mini bar to the bathroom with shower.

Regarding the price, you just have to provide a budget starting from 280 thousand rupiahs to spend the night in one of the rooms available at Lotus Art Garden Hotel.

This hotel is often the choice of tourists visiting Bandung because there are several interesting attractions around the hotel location, including:

  • Wot Batu which can be taken around 7 minutes drive Park
  • Hutan Raya Juanda which can be taken 7 minutes by driving
  • Curug Dago which can be taken 17 minutes drive
  • Cihampelas Walk can be taken in a 25-minute drive
  • Balubur Town Square is a 22-minute drive away

You can walk anywhere with easy transportation access and it doesn’t take long when you spend the night at the Lotus Art Garden Hotel. Therefore Lotus Art Garden Hotel is the best hotel choice for staying overnight in the Dago area.

Tune Hotel Dago

Tune Hotel Dago is another 3-star hotel that is a favorite of tourist lodging due to its strategic location and modern and new buildings. You will experience an exciting night at the Tune Hotel Dago.

Marbella Hotel Dago

Marbella Hotel Dago is a 4 star hotel with spacious rooms. In addition to the spacious rooms, the architecture and layout of the furniture is very neat so you will definitely be comfortable staying overnight in hotel rooms provided by Marbella Hotel Dago.

The 101

The 101 is a four-star hotel that is sexy enough to be a place to stay overnight. You can spend the night at The 101 with prices per night starting from 400 thousand rupiah. The location is also very strategic.

If you spend the night at The 101, to arrive at Bandung Indah Plaza and Gramedia Merdeka, you only need about 5 minutes on foot.

The hotel is also designed with a thick urban feel. The building is dominated by gray with very chic furniture. A variety of excitement for excitement is guaranteed you can feel by staying overnight at The 101.

Conclusions and Closing Remarks

Those are some of the hotels that are near the Dago Dream Park location that you can make your choice of lodging. Certainly, if you go to Bandung, stop by Dago Dream Park and find many unforgettable tourist experiences there. Have a nice vacation in the city of Bandung!

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