Gunung Prau, the best mountain in Central Java

By | December 14, 2018

Gunung Prau: The Most Beautiful And Romantic Place To Enjoy Sunrise Sunrise Mountain Prau Climbing. The best mountain Prau in Central Java has recently become a new favorite for mountain climbers. Even if compared with other mountains in Java Island, Gunung Prau has a moderate height with a not-so-difficult route, but the best mountain Prau in Central Java is increasingly famous because there are so many tourist attractions around Mount Prau, the best mountain in Central Java. .

Direction and location of Mount Prau

Gunung Prau (Best Mountain in Central Java) has an altitude of 2,565 around the sea level, including the mountain with medium altitude, compared to some mountains, namely, Mount Sindoro, Mount Sumbing where the two mountains are adjacent to Mount Prau, while Mount Slamet is a mountain that exists on the west side of Gunung Prau. But there is an interesting thing in Gunung Prau, which is the phenomenon of the sunset and sunrise which is very fascinating because of the extra cold temperatures that are extraordinary.

Hiking Mountain prau

mount prau sunrise climb
Location and Route Towards Mount Prau itself is on the border of the Four districts, namely, Kab. Banjarnegara, Kab. Wonosobo, Kab. Batang and Kab. Kendal. Because the shape of the mountain prau is elongated like a boat and its shape is very similar to a boat that is being turned upside down.

Because the most well-known and shortest hiking trail is from the direction of natural tourism, many climbers who call Gunung Prau belong to the Dieng tourist area, even though Mount Prau belongs to the government of three regencies namely Wonosobo, Kendal and Batang.

To climb Mount Prau there are 2 main paths that have often been passed by climbers, in addition to the available monitoring posts, climbers have also been known. The pertema lane is past the northern lane. However, there is one very extreme path through the northern route in Kalirejo village, onion district, stem district. Which has never been able to climb through this path, because the route is very steep and full of ravines which as a bet is a life, but through this path you will find a very luxurious, special and very beautiful waterfall that is Semawur Waterfall (Jurug Semawur), this waterfall is the number 1 best waterfall in Central Java.

The northern path of the climb can start from several points from Kendal Regency, namely the climbing path of Kenjuran Village located in Sukoreja District. The hiking trail from the path of success itself consumes approximately 6 hours of travel. The route that is passed is a bit steep, while the northern route which is very extreme is through the village Kalirejo, Mbawang, Matang, as I mentioned above.

For the hiking trail passing through the village of bullfighting, there are 3 posts during the climb. At these posts the climbers can rest to gather energy and set up camp if they will continue climbing for some time. Usually in each post there are officers who are on guard and ready to provide assistance if the climbers experience difficulties.

Sunrise on Gunung Prau

Sunrise prau dieng mountain is often seen by one of the professional climbers, perhaps because the mountain prau climbing route is too easy and the height is in the medium category.

But each climb is seen not only the level of difficulty of the mountain being climbed, and how high the mountain is. The most important thing is experience and of course the beautiful natural phenomena that we will get.

Sunrise prau mountain, that’s what is sought after by prau mountain climbers. Who doesn’t know the beauty of Gunung Prau Sunrise. Sunrise which has the characteristics of a golden yellow with a tinge of blue sky makes sunrise mount prau including a beautiful sunrise.

According to information we got from residents around Dieng. The best Sunrise of Mount Prau will appear when the transition in December and January. The characteristic of the sunrise in that month is the sun that is made with clear edges, beautiful yellow-red light, blends with the blue sky and the weather of the sky that is completely clean from clouds or cloudy.

In addition to the beauty of the sunrises, Gunung Rau is also famous for its teletubies hill, which is a savanna view on Mount Prau with a small half-circle hill as in children’s cartoon Teletubies. The view of the teletabies hill is best in the morning with a bit of mist covering it.

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