History of when Machu Picchu was discovered

By | April 13, 2020

It turns out that the relics of the past in the form of a city can not only be found in the history of Chichen Itza (Mexico) alone. In the other hemisphere, precisely in Peru, there is a city of relics of an advanced civilization.

This unique building is named after Machu Pichu. A glimpse of our memories back to a cartoon called Pikachu. But apparently, Machu Pichu is far from funny and colorful words. Like other ancient buildings that have survived to this day, the history of Machu Pichu holds an interesting story.

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Machu Picchu

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Peruvian or Quechua means Machu Pichu as the Old Peak. This is closely related to the location of Machu Pichu which occupies mountainous areas. The height of this building measured from sea level is 2,340 meters above sea level. Not high enough? So not everyone has the ability to visit the ancient heritage sites of the Incas.

Precisely on July 7, 2007, there were about 100 million people on earth who chose Machu Picchu as a tourist destination worthy of being categorized as 7 wonders of the world. The huge support sent via the short message service (SMS) and the internet resulted in a decision determined by the Swiss Foundation that Machu Pichu was indeed worthy of the position.

The Process of Discovering Machu Picchu

The inaugural discovery was made by an archeologist from Yale University, United States of America. The name of the archaeologist who is interested in the ancient site is Hiram Bingham who discovered Machu Pichu in 1911 AD. This means it is still a new site compared to the discovery of the history of the Egyptian pyramids, the history of the Taj Mahal, and the history of the Ka’ba.

Its inventor, Bingham, discovered this heritage by accident. Starting from his college assignments which took him on a scientific expedition in the Andes mountains.

Bingham’s initial intention was to explore and study wild vegetation there. But God ordained him as an intermediary to open the eyes of the world to the greatness of a past civilization.

Bingham brought a tour guide who first mastered the ins and outs of the Andes mountains. Together they explored unfamiliar parts of the Andes mountains. Because the forest is dense, the hands must come to play to uncover every weeds and shrub that are very wild.

Coincidentally, Bingham’s eyes stared at an old building. At that time the magnificent building was still very faint because it was covered by many tall trees and weeds.

Of course, Bingham with his guide didn’t immediately trust their normal eyes. As if everything is a mystical experience that is both scary and amazing. But apparently what he saw was a real building, not just his imagination with a tour guide.

With a belief in the meaning of buildings and their influence on human civilization, Bingham became even more curious. He was very sure that the building he saw was a clue building to uncover the greatness of the Inca civilization on earth.

Many studies were then carried out by related parties in the Machu Picchu area. The news about expensive artifacts, beautiful scenery, and other ancient clues then quickly spread throughout America and the world.

Theory of Machu Picchu’s Building

The archeological site is a former building owned by the Incas in the period before Columbus discovered the American continent. The exact location is in the ruins of the Urubamba Valley, Peru. A place 70 km northwest of Cusco is a city lined with gold. The founder of this magnificent city is the same person as the founder of the Inca kingdom, which was founded in 1440 AD.

Pachacutec Yupanqui was the first king in the Inca kingdom. He founded Machu Pichu as a symbol of their eternal devotion and community in the midst of the Amazon jungle and upstream of the Urubamba river. Keep in mind that the Amazon forest is one of the greenest forests in the world that contributes a lot of oxygen supply to America and the world. Many rare animals and flora occupy the green forest.

Because classified as newly discovered, immediately there was a lot of speculation about the former ruins of buildings that came from centuries ago. There are many experts who issued a new theory at a glance commenting on the discovery of the magnificent city on a hill. Some of them believed Machu Picchu was not an administrative city, but a tomb of the founder of the Inca kingdom, Pachahutec.

The theory that supports Machu Pichu as a tomb building is based on the many parts of the building there that are gold plated. Meanwhile, another theory that insists that Machu Picchu is an administrative Illacta (city) which normally becomes the economic center of the small subordinate areas of the Inca kingdom has not given concrete evidence. These people were convinced that the Incan nobles resided in Machu Pichu.

It turns out that not only two theories have colored the development of Machu Pichu. Some experts put out the theory that Machu Pichu was the villa of influential people from the Inca kingdom. The place is also the location of astrological observations and season ceremonies.

In a way, we are reminded of the history of Chichen Itza (Mexico), which is also famous for the sophistication of its buildings and their close relationship with astronomy. Buildings there even have their own counts that are all related to their science. Meanwhile, local people believe that the silhouette of the mountain which in their language is called Huayna Picchu aka young mountain is the nose of the Inca people facing the sky.

Machu Picchu Architecture

As the history of the Colosseum regulates the seating of the audience in its theater building, Macchu Picchu also has its own structure in the building. This site has many levels where each level illustrates the height of its power and respect in society. So it is predictable that the lives of Incan people are in conflict with the history of human rights in the world.

The more Incan people have a high office, the higher their seat level in the city of Machu Picchu. All that needs to be underlined is the peak level at Machu Pichu. The Incan people use the highest area of ​​Machu Picchu as a place to pay homage to the sun. This ceremony is held every day by Inca residents.

Inca Cultural Products

From this, we can find out that the habit of worshiping the sun that came from ancient times was not only possessed by Japanese people in the east. Even ancient people in mainland America also loved to worship the sun. Maybe because they feel life in the world will not run normally or even terrible if there is no sun that rotates every day.

The difference is in the cultural results of the Incan people who have been classified as advanced, almost as the Mayans stirred modern research. The Incas around Machu Picchu have a stone about the same size as a classical piano. The stone is not an ordinary ancient stone. The Inca people call it ‘intihuatana’ which means the place of the sun’s moorings. And it turns out that its function is as a sundial, a reminder of the time for the Inca life.

Another habit of the Incas that is the same as the Mayans lies in the world of agriculture. Both of these big tribes used to maintain a lot of agricultural lands to be used as a place to support their families. Cultivated crops are the main crops for them such as coca, corn and roses, and other vegetables.

The Incan people grow coca does not mean they already use drugs as processed cocaine and several types of modern-day drugs. At least we can find out the similarities between ancient people and modern people. As is the custom of indigenous people in the Papua region, Indonesia consumes marijuana as a daily snack of rice friends.

Of course, we cannot just blame them, especially to the point of assuming their heritage buildings are not important to be included in history just because of these ancient customs. There are other reasons that can be explained scientifically why ancient people like to consume agricultural products from plant-based drugs.

Machu Picchu Emptied

Still related to the Maya, it turned out that the Incas also left their magnificent city. As the Mayans left their Chichen Itza because of new arrivals. The Inca people also left Macchu Picchu because of the arrival of the Spaniards in the South American region. This already has a lot of evidence in the form of relics of ancient objects in Macchu Picchu.

Experts and archeologists have different opinions from reality at Machu Picchu. For them, the Inca people who left Machu Picchu were caused by smallpox outbreaks that almost became page bulk. More than half of the town’s population was killed by smallpox around 1527 AD. Outbreaks of this disease then weaken the greatness of Inca. There are many fellow wars in the internal kingdom.

Wherever the place is, an ancient building that has a bloody history of war or torture will always give fear to the next generation. After the Inca kingdom was completely destroyed by the civil war, a Spanish citizen named Pizzaro came to Cuzco. At that time the year showed the number 1532 AD and Machu Picchu had already become a haunted city whose beauty on the clouds was not worthy of control by Spain.

Actually, only Machu Picchu was the only symbol of the power of the Inca empire that was ever known to be almost as big as the Maya. The UNESCO recognized cultural heritage site as a world heritage alias the place of world cultural heritage in 1982. It’s just that its establishment in the 7 new wonders of the world was successful several decades after that.

Machu Picchu’s site had attracted public attention not because of its beauty that hangs above the clouds. The tourist attraction is famous because many tourists who come not to learn its history but left a lot of damage to the site. Though Machu Picchu is one of the important sites which is evidence of how in ancient times many ancient civilizations had higher architectural art than contemporary architectural art.

American Respect for Machu Picchu

At the time of its discovery, Hiram Bingham encountered this site for the first time, this place looked very scary. At the time Hiram had to open the dense vegetation of Amazonian forest trees that seemed to have been one with the old site for centuries. You can imagine how difficult it is to open dense land in the middle of the jungle on a hill with a medium height. All this was done with one main aim, to learn the historical traces of the Incas.

The Andes Mountains in Peru have many mysteries. When archaeologists learned of Bingham’s discovery, they were immediately enthusiastic about helping because with the opening of this ancient building there was a great civilization in human history that could be learned from authentic evidence. Unfortunately, buildings in the Andes mountain range have not been touched by humans for too long.

In contrast to the customs of our society, Americans are very respectful of their culture and history. Whereas the history of Indonesia has proven to be far richer than the history of the nation. One proof of American respect for the new discovery of Machu Picchu is the crowd of visitors. Around 2,500 people visit the site every day. Though his trip was not as smooth as traveling to areas in the lowlands.

The media in the United States have agreed to consider Machu Picchu as the most important and most well-preserved building in the world that came from an ancient civilization. Naturally, if they issued a statement like this because they are the next generation of America.

Despite being a great source of income for the Peruvian government, the government is not happy to continue to increase advertising so that Machu Picchu is increasingly crowded. The government and observers of American archeological sites are actually afraid of the large number of visitors who arrive every day, potentially damaging the old archaeological site buildings. Until now the Peruvian government continues to try to improve the protection of the site.

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