5 Hotels With Unique Sensations

By | March 16, 2020

5 Hotels With Unique Sensations. For the first time, this Tourism-zones.com the site makes and discusses a hotel or inn, but the hotel that I will discuss is the 5 Hotels With Unique Sensations that they offer, from the 5 Hotels with Unique Sensations that I review now I take from tourist information from various sources on the internet, and certainly, 5 Hotels with Unique Sensations are all in all corners of the world. What kind of hotel that offers a sensation of beauty that I will discuss this? of course, 5 Hotels with unnatural sensation and beauty like hotels in general.

Best Hotel in The World

Have you ever thought about how good it is to be able to enter and stay in the best hotel in the world? Don’t worry, you can definitely stay at best hotels in the world at affordable prices and with a unique sensation hotel with beautiful natural scenery, Like the famous hotel in Bali that offers a sensation of natural scenery and also with a unique hotel design. Below I will review 5 Hotels with Unique Sensations from 5 world-famous countries and that will surely make you feel in another world because of the sensation of a hotel that is very unique and very different from the usual hotels and is also not inferior to best hotels in the world whose prices are very fantastic.

A Hotel With a Unique Sensation in The World

Lodging or hotel, of course, become one of the facilities that you must get when on vacation. Whether it’s a vacation abroad or in the country. To pamper tourists, there are various kinds of hotels and inns that offer unique facilities and experiences in it. Of course, this is to spoil the tourists or tourists when they stay there. And certainly, hope they will promote the hotel or stay back when vacationing there. There are several hotels in parts of the world that offer their own sensations and uniqueness. What are these hotels?

Hayema ​​Heerd, The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, there is a hotel called Hayema ​​Heerd. At first glance, there is nothing too special about this hotel. However, when you enter the hotel room, you can see the uniqueness and special features of this hotel. You will be invited to stay and feel the sensation of a typical rural hotel interior. The base of the bed is made of straw and the roof or ceiling is made of wood and is transparent. The tourists will be invited to feel the sensation of sleeping with the atmosphere of a typical Dutch village. Of course, it gives its own experience.

Sala Silvermine, Sweden

Have you ever imagined being under a cave or in the bowels of the earth among mined minerals? If you want to feel the sensation, you can go to Sweden. Precisely at the Sala Silvermine Inn. Here the tourists will be invited to go to the cave or underground area which is a former silver mining. A pleasant atmosphere and also presents its own uniqueness.

Montana Magical Lodge, Chile

In Chile, there is also unique and interesting lodging. This inn is named Montana Magical Lodge. This inn is shaped like a mountain. And at this inn, there is also a suspension bridge that leads to protected forests and nature reserves with beautiful and charming panoramas. Certainly making the tourists will be presented with exotic scenery. A unique experience, of course.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

What happens if you stay with the giraffe? You can feel it at Giraffe Manor in Kenya. At this inn, visitors can stay while looking at the giraffe from the window of the room. And not just that. You can also give these giraffes food. This Giraffe Manor is indeed a giraffe breeding center which will later be released into the wild.

Faralda Crane Hotel, The Netherlands

Faralda Crane Hotel in the Netherlands offers a different sensation. Here you will be invited to stay in a crane. Of course, it’s weird to hear? The visitors will stay in a crane that has been modified into a hotel. Besides that, there are already swimming pool and bungee jumping facilities here. Interesting right?


Of all the names of famous hotels in the world that I reviewed above, hopefully, can add to your horizons and also a reference for those of you who want to travel abroad, who want to vacation with your beloved family, the 5 most unique hotels in the world that I wrote above are hotels which give an extreme sensation and is very friendly with your money.

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