It sparkled long ago, like these 10 Las Vegas portraits in the 50s

By | April 14, 2019

Hollywood movie lovers must be familiar with the city of Las Vegas. One of the cities in Nevada, United States, it often appears in various box office films. This city is known as the World Entertainment Capital. How not, from end to end, the city is filled with shopping, entertainment and gambling.

If night comes, Las Vegas has beautiful portraits. The sparkling lights of the building that stand makes this city look very glamorous. It seems the activity there is more crowded at night until early morning than during the day.

But it turns out Las Vegas is indeed known as a glamorous city long ago. In the 50s, the city showed its fangs as a center of entertainment. All entertainment is present in this city. Likewise with sparkling lights at night, since that year Las Vegas has become a very desirable destination to visit.

Well, here are 10 portraits of the city of Las Vegas that have been sparkling since the 50s

1. The city was dubbed the World’s Entertainment Capital.

2. The city of Las Vegas is located in the state of Nevada, United States

3. All entertainment centers are present in this city. Complete

4. Starting from shopping centers, gambling to luxury hotels. Not to mention the countless performances in this city.

5. The city is also often used as a backdrop in many Hollywood films.

6. Las Vegas is known for the beauty of the world at night.

7. The lights of the building that stand adorn the Las Vegas night portraits.

8. It turned out that the city had always proven that they were the center of entertainment in the world.

9. The 50s are like this.

10. Who wants to go there?

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