Karimun Jawa, the best island in Java for tourism

By | December 12, 2018

Karimun Jawa, the best island in Java for tourism and There are still many tourist attractions in Karimun Jawa that you can visit without having to use ships or land tours. Karimun Jawa, the best island in Java for tourism is a quiet place with the waves and winds that will make you two choices, the more spoiled or more fascinated. That’s why Karimun Jawa, the best island in Java for tourism is very well known throughout the world.

Karimun Jawa. There are highly recommended that you can visit all tourist attractions in Karimun Java without having to use a boat. Just look for places that you can still access with private vehicles or vehicles that you rent there, because it will be very loss if you only visit one place.

Why is that?

When you land in Karimunjawa’s New Port, the land is wide enough for you to surround. Starting from Karimunjawa Island itself to Kemujan Island.

Oh yes. For information only, Karimunjawa is an archipelago and the largest and most populated island that is Karimunjawa Island and Kemujan Island. Only separated by mangrove forests and can be accessed because there is a bridge as a link.

Well … This time RXLSPORTS AND TRAVEL will provide information on tourist attractions in Karimunjawa when you want to tour land only.

The tourist attractions in Karimunjawa will be divided into two. The first tourist attractions on Karimunjawa Island and tourist attractions on Kemujan Island. Let’s take a look at the list of tourist attractions in Karimunjawa, which ones can you visit with your traveling companions and loved ones.

Tourist Attractions in Karimunjawa

1. Pantai Legon Lele
Legon Lele Beach, Karimunjawa
According to history, the Legon Lele Beach is the place where Sunan Nyamplungan or Sheikh Amir Hasan landed the first time on Karimunjawa Island.

On this beach you can enjoy a beach that has extensive white sand if the sea water recedes. Almost the same as the Great Cemara Island. It’s cool if you come to Legon Lele Beach early in the morning. This beach can also be used as a place to watch a performance of the sun slowly coming out of the ocean.

If you use a two-wheeled vehicle, just ask the locals where the Legon Lele Beach is. The road to the beach is indeed trembling because the road to Legon Lele Beach is still made of conblock. Plus there is a steep derivative (when you go to this beach) and when it comes home it will become a steep incline.

The location is a bit remote, but you won’t regret it when you plan to visit tourist attractions in Karimunjawa when this one-on-one tour.

2. Bukit Joko Tuwo

Sunset at Bukit Joko Tuo, Karimunjawa As the name implies. Joko Tuwo Hill is located on an enchanting beautiful hill.

Joko Tuwo Hill has three features. First, you will be able to see a giant mammal skeleton. The mammals people often refer to as whales. The name Bukit Joko Tuwo is also taken from the philosophy of the whale.

Hill because it is located on a hill. Joko is Javanese which means virgin. Tuwo is also Javanese which has an old meaning. So according to local residents Joko Tuwo Hill is a place where the old virgin lived.

Why is old virgin? Because the whale was an animal that has a very long life and local people in the early discovery believed that the fish were male.

Second. You can watch a giant prayer beads made of andesite.

Third. In Joko Tuwo Hill you can watch a show about twilight singing. A show about the sun that slowly sinks itself into the horizon. Very epic.

3. Bukit Love Karimunjawa

Sunset on the Love Hill Karimunjawa Tourist attractions in Karimunjawa when the next land tour is Bukit Love. This hill is actually still a series of ridges with Joko Tuwo Hill but it is located some distance away.

You have to take a distance of about 20 minutes by motorbike if taken from Karimunjawa Square.

In Bukit Love it also has privileges and beauty that you can enjoy with travel companions or loved ones.

 On this hill you can find some Karimunjawa icons. Like a green older brother’s fish. This fish is a favorite menu for tourists when they want to burn on the island for lunch.

There are also quite large Karimunjawa writings and the poems face south or face the sea.

As the name implies, Bukit Love. There is a love writing made of cement there.

In addition, there are also bird nest-shaped installations we call them. It is located on a tree that is quite shady. You can be narcissistic there.

Because it is located at an altitude and faces west. You can also watch the twilight performances here with the foreground of the Karimunjawa settlement and the fishing boats and tourist boats that carry tourists around the tourist attractions in Karimunjawa, especially the island.

4. Pantai Ujung Gelam
Sunset at Ujung Gelam Beach, Karimunjawa As the name implies. Ujung Gelam Beach is indeed located at the western tip of Karimunjawa Island. Administratively Ujung Gelam Beach is located in Alang-alang Hamlet, Karimunjawa.

Not far from the center of Karimunjawa or Karimunjawa Square. If you want to access this tourist spot in Karimunjawa using a motorbike, the time you need is around 30 minutes.

Ujung Gelam Beach has long been known by tourists visiting Karimunjawa. By tourists, this beach is famous as the best sunset spot in Karimunjawa. They have the truth.

Here you can really enjoy a special sunset. If the weather and the sky are friendly, you can see an orange circle (sometimes large and sometimes small in diameter) that is devoured by the ocean. Very charming if you can witness the event.

If you take the Karimunjawa tour package, usually you will also be taken to this tourist spot in Karimunjawa by the boat captain to spend the afternoon at Ujung Gelam Beach.

5. Pantau Batu Topeng
Enjoying the calm waves at the edge of Karimunjawa beach There is still a coastline with Ujung Gelam beach and the distance is not too far away. Can be accessed by way of along the Gelam Ujung Beach line.

Batu Topeng Beach presents a gazebo that slightly protrudes into the sea. Inik indeed. Here you can relax inside the gazebo while waiting for the sunset.

Because there is still one coastline with Ujung Gelam Beach, the sand here is also white. You can also swim or sunbathe casually. Why? Because at Batu Topeng Beach visitors are not too crowded.

This tourist spot in Karimunjawa also has a swing in the tree too! You can contemplate on the swing.

6. Pantai dan Bukit Annora
Let’s go to the next tourist spot in Karimunjawa.

We will take you away from the south side of Karimunjawa and approach the northern side of Karimunjawa. The location is increasingly stressed with the Karimunjawa Tracking Mangrove.

Yes. Annora Beach. Here you can see a beach with an etnic art installation. Starting from cool tables and chairs to relax, swings are placed starting from tree trunks to swings placed in the sea like in Lombok, cute little garden, to additional accessories that add to the impression of artsy but still simple.

All properties made to beautify Annora Beach were made of rubbish and broken objects stranded on the line of Annora Beach.

Besides being able to enjoy the uniqueness of the art installation, you will also be presented with a panoramic view of the expanse of stretched beaches from the top of the hill.

It’s called Annora Hill. It’s still in one area and you can access it on foot when you visit this tourist spot in Karimunjawa.

7. Makam Sunan Nyamplungan
Eat Sunan Nyamplungan, Karimunjawa

There is also a petilasan as well as a historic place for Karimunjawa. Tomb of Sunan Nyamplungan.

According to the story of the community, Sunan Nyamplungan or Sheikh Amir Hasan the son of Sunan Muria is an important figure for Karimunjawa. He is the one who has contributed to the name Karimunjawa itself and about studying Islam here.

Actually this is not a tourist spot in Karimunjawa but you can come here and explore the history of Karimunjawa.

Tourist Attractions on Kemujan Island – Karimun Jawa

8. Tracking Mangrove Karimunjawa
Trekking in Mangrove Forest, Karimunjawa

The next tourist spot in Karimunjawa is Tracking Mangrove Karimunjawa. This is the mangrove forest owned by Karimunjawa. Quite spacious and cool when you go to this mangrove forest.

By location, this mangrove forest is divided into two. One side goes into Karimunjawa Island, the other side goes into Kemujan Island. But when you want to enter and want to take a walk in it, you are entering the Kemujan Island area. Facilities have been made there such as roads made of wood, guard posts, boards and information centers about animals and fauna in mangrove forests there as an educational effort for tourists by managers.

Apart from the facility, there is another interesting place, the viewing post. The viewing post at Karimunjawa Tracking Mangrove is quite high. Because it’s quite high, for those of you who are on it will see a vast expanse of scattered mangrove trees, green hills and the beautiful ocean of Karimunjawa. Don’t forget to come to this tourist spot in Karimunjawa, don’t regret it.

When the evening approaches, you can also enjoy the enchanting sunset from above the viewing post.

9. Pantai Batu Putih
Batu Putih Beach, Karimunjawa
Batu Putih Beach is located in Jelamun Hamlet, Karimunjawa. Located about 15 km if taken from the city of Karimunjawa.

According to local residents. The name Batu Putih Beach was taken from a large boulder sticking up and when dry, the stone was white.

At Batu Putih Beach, Karimunjawa also has a wooden dock to lean on the ship. On the dock you can play with your traveling companions or your loved ones. In addition, the water at Batu Putih Beach is also clear and still clean because there are not too many visitors who come to this tourist spot in Karimunjawa.

10. Pantai Bunga Jabe
The next tourist spot in Karimunjawa is Bunga Jabe Beach. Bunga Jabe Beach is a blend of natural beauty, art and culture.

The beauty of nature has indeed been created in such a way. Starting from the stretch of white sand that stretches widely when the sea water recedes to the lush trees there which become a canopy of the hot sun.

Art, because humans (managers) who are there have art blood. So, he channeled his abilities into a unique installation as decoration and as a friend for visitors. You can interact with the creators’ work on Bunga Jabe Beach. Ranging from canoes, swings, stilt houses and curry houses, dining tables, and more.

Culture. They (the manager) carry the blood of Bugis and indeed they will not escape as it seems. This can be seen from the stage house that is there. The stage house and atmosphere here smells of Bugis. Not only the stage house. From the large dishes that are served, snacks until if you want to discuss and ask questions about Bugis history in Karimunjawa, you can do it here.

Tourist attractions in Karimunjawa this one is perfect for those of you who want to laze around.

11. Kampung Bugis Karimunjawa
Bugis Village Residents
Because the islands of Karimunjawa, precisely in Ujung Batu Lawang Hamlet, Kemujan Island, there are many people who bugis. They built their houses in a bugis style. Yes, even though it’s not 100% pure, but you can still feel and add to your knowledge about Bugis culture.

12. Bako Lolo
Play Sampan Bakololo
We put Bako Lolo in the list of tourist attractions in Karimunjawa because this place is exotic and certainly cool to contemplate.

This Bako Lolo is a lagoon. Flanked by thick Karimunjawa mangrove forests. Because it was flanked by the mangrove forest, the water here had no waves at all. A very cool place to play canoe or canoe.

This tourist spot in Karimunjawa does not have facilities for now. But you can ask for help from local residents if you want to go and play here. Advice from us, ask the manager of Bunga Jabe Beach if you want to go to this place.

The location is also not far from Bunga Jabe Beach and is on the west side of Dewadaru Airport.

13. Pantai Ujung Batu Lawang
Ujung Batu Lawang Beach Sunset
The location of tourist attractions in Karimunjawa this one is indeed at the northernmost tip of Kemujan Island, Karimunjawa.

Ujung Batu Lawang Beach is actually a concept made like Karimunjawa Tracking Mangrove. The place to do trekking activities is cool and the tip is at Ujung Batu Lawang Beach. But for some reason nowadays it is not too crowded with visitors and from the lonely visitors it has an impact on the poor management of tourist facilities in Karimunjawa.

One of the effects of less well-maintained tourist attractions in Karimunjawa are trees that are getting thicker and more distant. But this atmosphere adds to the impression of natural and very wild for you who love adventure outdoors.

14. Dermaga Mrican
This Mrican Pier is a place where fishermen ships rely on fishing in the high seas. When there is a boat leaning back, residents will arrive one by one to buy the fishermen’s catch. Usually this happens in the morning.

For those of you who have taken the Karimunjawa tour package, it might be rather difficult to come to this Mrican Pier in the morning. But calm down. You can come to this tourist spot in Karimunjawa in the afternoon.

In the afternoon you can even get an interesting sunset at this Mrican Pier.

If time and weather are good, you can enjoy the sunset at this pier. Walk to the dock and sit at the top of the pier until sunset. The Mrican Pier is also one of the coolest places to enjoy the sunset at Karimunjawa.


Those are some of the tourist attractions in Karimunjawa that you can visit when you want to tour the land with your travel companions or loved ones.

If on your visit to the tourist attractions in Karimunjawa, you will meet local residents, greet and communicate with them so that a good relationship occurs and you can also leave a good impression for the local people.

O yes. If you and your friends want to join the Karimunjawa tour package and want to get an exciting and new experience, we provide the Karimunjawa tour package. You can visit this page.

If the package that we make is less challenging or not right for your taste, we can also make the package according to your wishes.

Warm greetings from us. Maintain health and exercise frequently so that the body is healthy.

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