Minggon Jaten in the city of Rajawali Batang

By | November 25, 2018

Minggon jaten Is a culinary tour in the city of Batang area, which is located not far from the city of the trunk, and as the name suggests is only open on Sundays, it is very interesting and you should visit this latest tour.

Next, we have a few results from thousands of portraits from minggon jaten facebook account.

And for those of you who want to see thousands of photos, please visit the minggon jaten facebook account that I wrote as a source at the end of this post.

Source: https://m.facebook.com/minggonjatinan

Please click visit the address above for information on minggon jaten or minggon jatinan.

Hopefully the information above adds to your busy schedule to enjoy a culinary day at Minggon Jatinan.

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