More Hits in Alang Alang Tourism Rod

By | November 24, 2018
More Hits in Alang Alang Tourism Rod

Tourist attractions in Batang that are being hit by young people Super cool natural scenery surrounded by reeds.Tourist destinations in m. This place is located in Cepoko, Bandar Batang District, Central Java. From the u we got, actually this place is not a tourist place, but because of its beauty, many young people from Batang intentionally come to the location and

Here’s a Photo of Bandar Batang Tourism Hits Cepoko

Photo By Ig @ dessyrachm4

For those who are curious and already have the intention to stop by the tourist site this one provides a cellphone and a camera with a full battery for snapshots and selfies at the location and document on Instagram.

Photo By Ig @aji_cah_ankle

Photo By Ig @etnic_modern_photography

Photo By Ig @delistia_

Photo By Ig @ idayanti25

Photo By Ig @etnic_modern_photography

Photo By Ig @ alfiana012

Photo By Ig @ginaratih

Photo By Ig @ercieh_chandra

Photo By Ig @heny_riska

Photo By Ig @ lenzivio24

Photo By Ig @ardiantyas

Photo By Ig @mitayuliaerysa

The location of the Cepoko Bandar Batang field from Batang is heading towards the Bandar after arriving at Bandar Ecpark still going up again towards the cyclone, slowly when it arrives at Omah Tani, reduce the speed of seeing the right side of the road, beside the Cepoko field. if you are still confused please ask the local people to know the location. from Pondok Tazaka it is still upwards of approximately 10 minutes.

Photo By Sugeng Zhiebelies

The scenery and natural view at this one tourist site is very beautiful. curious, for tourists who want to see a beautiful view of Alang alang Grass in Cepoko Bandar Batang hunted because in the near future alang alang grass is said to be cut by local residents for the needs of residents’ fodder.

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