10 Must-Visit Attractions in Hokkaido

By | February 13, 2020

10 Must-Visit Attractions in Hokkaido Tourism-zones.com – Japan Tourism Hokkaido Who doesn’t know Japan with the beauty of Hokkaido tourism. One of the countries in Asia which is famous for its cherry blossoms is one of the developed countries in the world. Not only that, it turns out Japan, especially Hokkaido tourist attractions also save a lot of the beauty of tourist attractions that are scattered in several islands. Hokkaido Island is a must-visit place for tourists if you are visiting Japan.

Hokkaido is one of the northernmost islands in Japan. The Hokkaido tourist attractions hold incredible natural charm. The natural panorama is able to amaze anyone who comes to visit. Thanks to its natural beauty, it’s no wonder that Hokkaido is one of the popular tourist destinations in Japan. Then what interesting Hokkaido tourism is a favorite of tourists in Japan? Here are 10 Hokkaido tourist attractions that you must visit while on vacation in Japan.


Hokadate is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hokkaido. The city, located at the southernmost tip of Hokkaido, is a famous port city. Hokadate became the third-largest city on the northern island. It has amazing natural beauty and fresh seafood. Popular tourist attractions and attractions in the city of Hokadate include:

Hokkadate Mountain

Hokkadate Mountain. The location of Mount Hokadate is very strategic because it is surrounded by cities and ports. To be able to reach the summit of Mount Hokadate, you can ride the gondola that has been provided. Once at the top, you will be presented with a charming view of the city of Hokadate. The night view is the best view on the summit of Mount Hokadate.

My Goryok fort

Goryokaku Fortress. It is a western-style star-shaped fortress that offers a beautiful natural panorama. Goryokaku is one of the most popular cherry blossom locations in Hokkaido. Gokaku’s scenery will be different in each season. Spring scenery will be filled with cherry blossoms, autumn turns into a view of deep red leaves and winter will be filled with snow.

Hokkadate Morning Market

Morning Market. If you want to hunt for fresh seafood, you must go to the cornered morning market near Hokadate Station. This market opens from 5 am except when winter opens from 6 am. Here you can buy various seafood dishes, snacks, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Bay Area

Bay Area. Along the bottom of the Bay Area, you can find shops selling unique items. In addition, you can also enjoy the view while drinking tea and enjoying a delicious Hokadate cake


Motomachi. Motomachi offers views of the harbor with typical western-style buildings making this place like in the film. The combination of beautiful scenery makes Motomachi a place for the best photos. You can explore this place on foot.

Yunokawa Hot Springs

Hot water bath. Hokadate is famous for its hot springs. One of the famous resorts is Yunokawa. Here you will be spoiled by lodging with a variety of choices, swimming activities, and also delicious culinary.

Park Onuma

Park Onuma. To get to Onuma Park, you can use the express train about 20 minutes from Hokadate. You can do various outdoor activities such as relaxing walking, biking, camping, and boat riding here.

In winter, Onuma will turn the lake into a frozen lake. You can explore Onuma by skiing or riding a snow car and motorcycle. Popular culinary in Onuma is beef. You should try it if you visit here.



Sapporo is the fifth largest city in Hokkaido. To get to Sapporo, you can use the express train which takes about 40 minutes from the airport. Tourist attractions that can be enjoyed in Sapporo include:

Yuki Matsuri

Sapporo Snow Festival (Sapporo Yuki Matsuri). Every February, you can see various ice sculptures you can see in this festival. Whereas in May, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Sakura flowers in Maruyama Park, Odori Park and Moerenuma Park.

Sapporo Beer Museum

Sapporo Beer Museum. See Sapporo’s famous history and brewing process. Hokkaido tourist attractions are more complete when visiting this place.


Okuyarama Observatory. Take the elevator and then have the opportunity to taste various types of chocolate and see the manufacturing process.


Furano Flower Park

It is an area in Kokaido which is famous for its lavender fields. In winter, Furano is also a tourist destination for skiing. To be able to explore the beautiful scenery of the Lavender field, you can ride the Lavender Bus or you can also use the Furano Train – Biei Noroko Train.


Otaru Park

If the Netherlands has Leiden Canals, then Hokaido has Otaru. The uniqueness of this Otaru is the existence of canals and former warehouse buildings that have now been converted into shops, restaurants and museums. Sakamachi Street is the most popular area. Here you can enjoy views of buildings in western architectural style. Otaru also hosts the Otaru Snow Ligh Path festival, which is usually held every February.



It could be said that this park is the largest park in Hokaido. The natural conditions are still very natural and well maintained. Early is the right location for those of you who have a hobby of hiking or camping.


Hokuryu sunflower garden

If you are a sunflower lover, you must enter Himawari – No – Sato, located in Hokuryu – cho, as your travel destination while on vacation in Japan. Here you can see sunflower fields that stretch out like a yellow carpet. And the best time to visit Himawari – No – Sato is in the middle of July – August.


Shibazakura Flower Park

The park, located in Ozoro – cho, is the largest Moss Phlox Subulata flower garden in Japan. This beautiful flower will adorn the city of Ozoro – cho in May – June. That month, the city of Ozoro-cho will be covered with pink flowers that make the scenery so amazing.


Noboribetsu Hot spring

This place is a popular hot spring location in Hokaido. There are almost 11 types of water here, some of which have the best quality in Japan. In addition to hot springs, there are also many hotels. So, you must visit this place if you want to relax your body with a unique view of Japan.


Blue Pond

At first Blue Pond was an artificial pond (dam) created with the aim of protecting the area from the Tokachi volcano mudflow. The blue color of the pool is actually not in the water itself. The color will also change depending on which side you look at. The blue color of the pond is said to be associated with the aluminum hydroxide content in water which bounces, in the same way, carried out by the Earth’s atmosphere. Blue Pond is located at the foot of Mount Tokachi, on the left bank of the Beigawa River, southeast of the town of Biei in Hokkaido.

Blue Pond has a beautiful and enchanting view. Make this place a must for you to go. FYI, Blue Pond has become increasingly popular since Apple inserted the Blue Pond image into OS X Mountain Lion.


Royce Ice Hills Hotel Es

Winter in Japan lasts for 6 months between November – April. This was used by Japan to create new innovations in order to attract tourists to visit, namely by building Ice Hotels.

In Hokaido itself there are 2 Ice Hotels which are quite popular. The first is the Royce Ice Hills Hotel Hotel, designed by 3 famous Japanese artists, you must visit. The entire interior and exterior are made of ice. Inside there is a bar and a variety of culinary that can make you warm while inside the hotel. You can enter this hotel for FREE at 11 noon – 8 pm. Whereas those of you who want to stay overnight are only allowed until 12 o’clock at night.

Hotel Es Hoshino

And the second is the Hoshino Ice Hotel. It is a snow-themed amusement park that is one of Hokkaido’s tourist attractions. The hotel building is in the form of a dome and is made entirely of ice both interior and exterior. The temperature inside this hotel reaches 30 degrees Celsius. But you don’t need to worry because visitors will be given pajamas and sleeping bags that are designed to keep your body warm.

Now that was the Hokkaido Tourist Attractions that you can visit to complete your Japanese vacation this year.

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