Romantic Things to do in Paris for Honeymoon in Winter on a Budget

By | December 16, 2018

Couples who are newly married will certainly plan a honeymoon. For example, going abroad like Paris. Why Paris? because Paris is called a romantic city. Looking for romantic things to do in Paris? Okay, I’ll show you things to do in Paris for honeymoon. One of them is if you like winter. So it’s romantic things to do in Paris in winter. It would be perfect for you and your wife to get warmth. But what about the budget that must be spent? Tips so that you can still be romantic things to do in Paris on a budget.

  • Want to get the best price quote when you travel to Paris? One of the most important tips is to plan the best travel time possible. Avoid tours during frequent peaks, which usually occur during school holiday periods and weekends in spring and summer.
  • Low season in Paris takes place between mid-November and mid-March. During that period, you will get a more affordable offer for various things. Alternatively, you can glance at the shoulder season which occurs in April-May and September-October. You might not get the lowest price offer during the low season, but prices on the shoulder season are clearly friendlier than the peak season.
  • If possible, plan your itinerary around the summer festival. Usually, during this period, many events and free entertainment are held.

This is the Most Romantic Place in Paris, to Pamper a Couple

1. Eiffel Tower

If you go to Paris, the most important tourist spot you should visit is the Eiffel Tower. The romantic atmosphere is very supportive at night because the colorful lights of the tower make it more serene. Moreover, there are romantic restaurants that you can find when entering the tower. You can eat dinner there.

2. Seine River

Besides the Eiffel tower, the second place that is not less romantic is the Seine. You can feel the romantic atmosphere when you sail along the Seine with your partner.
But you must be willing to spend more. As with the Eiffel tower, there is a restaurant that offers lunch and dinner on this sailing boat.
Lunch is indeed cheaper than the night. But if you want a more romantic atmosphere, choose at night.

3. Pont des Arts

Definitely no stranger to a bridge full of locks bearing the names of couples from all over the world. You and your partner must come here. Don’t forget to write your name on the lock, then hook it on the wire of this bridge. Discard the key into the river so that the relationship lasts longer. Myth or not?

4. Le Mur des Je T’aime

There is another place that is suitable for dating in Paris, namely the wall of love. You can find 311 Je T’aime words from 250 languages in the world. This place is famous as a meeting place for couples from all over the world.

5. Sacrè Cœur

Even though the church, you non-Christians can still visit it. Suitable for you to relax sitting spoiled in the courtyard around this church.

6. 2CV car

Want to take a trip to Paris but don’t want to walk? Just try riding a 2CV car. You can rent it and get around Paris with this ancient French car.
You can also order complete with the driver who will take you around the city. The roof of the car is open, so you can also enjoy the air of Paris and the beauty of the sky with your partner. Romantic right?

7. Louvre Museum

Not far from the love padlock bridge, you can also stop by the Louvre Museum. This museum is included in one of the largest museums in the world. You can take photos in front of the museum which has this unique and extraordinarily beautiful architecture.

8. Jardin du Luxemburg

This one tourist spot is definitely fun because it’s free. There is a garden with beautiful colorful flowers and a fountain there.
You and your partner can spend time together, especially in the morning and evening. The sunlight and the air are quite soothing. It’s really romantic to spend time together.

9. Christmas Light

Champs-Elysées has become a luxurious area, there are elegant boutiques, designer shops with minimalist architectural designs. But during the holiday season, the lights are conjured up with flickering lights and endless Noël decorations that glow up to the top level. Believe it or not, visitors flock here from all over the world to admire the City of Lights in full lighting, this place will make the photos stunning. The magical display shows a series of light bulbs, bright lights, and light projections. The road will look so sparkling until early January.

10. Ice Skating

Ice skating is an activity that tourists never imagined when spending winter in Paris. Patinoire Pailleron is the most popular arena and certainly open to the public, considering it welcomes visitors throughout the year at 32 Rue Edouard Pailleron. This arena offers cheap prices, with prices starting at € 3.50. The 800 square meter (8600 square foot) ice rink is part of the renovated Art Deco sports complex, offering hockey and dance lessons, and ice skating.
Paris is a country full of beautiful buildings and cities. Spending a winter vacation in Paris can be your bucket list this year.

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