Semawur Waterfall – The best Waterfall in Central Java

By | December 15, 2018

Semawur Waterfall or Semawur Waterfall – The best waterfall in Central Java consists of 8 levels with clear water and never dry in the dry season. Semawur Waterfall – The best waterfall in Central Java At the first level the water has a height of about 25 meters, and the second level has a height of 50 meters.

From the bottom of the valley, only three levels of the waterfall can be seen with the eye even though the Semawur Waterfall – the best Waterfall in Central Java – has up to 8 levels.

This waterfall is at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level and flows in Kali Bajang. To arrive at the last village (Jiwan), there are several alternative transportation tools, including we can ride public transportation in Sukorejo, or also for those of you who pass through the regency area.

You will go through Kalirejo village where the two-wheeled or four-wheeled route stop, after that we ask to go down at the junction of the plantungan, as well as passing through the bawang, here the motorcycle taxi drivers ready to take us to our destination.

However, if we are in a large group, it would be better if we chartered a pick-up car, both in the weleri market and in the Sukorejo market (depending on where we are) and of course after the price of the bargaining price.

For the last alternative, we can also use private vehicles, and it turns out that this method is the most effective and efficient, besides being more relaxed on the journey, we are also not worried about the time of return. Moreover, the road conditions even though it has been paved smoothly, and winding.

Photos of the trip to Semawur Waterfall

this time we use private vehicles to get to the last village (kalirejo), along the way to the village of Jiwan, the author is so enjoying the beauty of the natural panorama, after being treated with pine forests and clove plantations, then we will be greeted with a vast expanse of rice fields and terracing, especially coupled with hills that green, adding to the satisfaction of the soul for the author.

And that is no less enjoyable, we will also be seduced by the chirping of the birds and the splash of the river, moreover, we will be lulled by the gentle blowing of the valley wind (because this area is still the foot of the mountain boat).

This condition can drive away from our loneliness and boredom. After arriving in this village, we can leave our vehicle to the local residents, (because there is not yet an area for parking here), even this time the author entrusts one of the residents of the village of Jwan (Mr. Solikhin) who previously met him when the author was still sitting in the school around 1995, with Mr. Drs. Soewardjo as an extra-curricular coach (lover of nature) at that time. Next, we go to the river lampir, at the beginning of our adventure.

To get to the “Curug Semawur” waterfall, there are 2 alternative paths that we can go through, first, if we want to get wet, we can go straight along with this lamper river flow to the top with approximately one hour, but if we want a little more relaxed, we can also pass the path that is in the hills but doesn’t be surprised if we meet with wild plants and bushes, which are taller than our own bodies, and the path is the road to Semawur waterfall that we have to go through.

Video recording of a trip to Semawur Waterfall

The trip was equally interesting, besides having a vast population of fields, and planted with various types of plants, even along this path a lot of coffee planted, which is a mainstay of agriculture from local residents, in addition to cloves and me lingo fruit of course.

No less fun here there are still many wild birds that always accompany every step of our foot. Fatigue and fatigue will soon disappear, moreover, we are already under the first waterfall, with the air so cool & fresh.

Even though we have been able to take a bath with whatever we like, but we are not satisfied if we don’t go to the second waterfall which has an altitude of approximately 30 meters, to go to this second waterfall, we must be extra careful, because besides the road up and down the road is pretty slippery because it’s rocky.

After being satisfied under the fresh splash of the waterfall of Semawur, the author took a break under the shade of the trees, while chatting casually and eating, but soon the writer rested, there were groups of school students, as well as from nature lover clubs who came here, most of them go directly to the stone puddle area and shortly afterward, they were abuzz bathing under the fresh splash of the waterfall.

But it is very unfortunate that the beautiful waterfall of Semawur is not very well received and is less attractive to visitors in general, even if there are, maybe for those who are really ready for the terrain that will be passed, because of the condition of the road to Curug Semawur still natural path so far from the last village.

The author himself calls the Semawur waterfall as “The Hidden Heaven for True Adventurers” because it is located the furthest from the crowds and the westernmost of the Kendal district. In fact, if the Semawur waterfall is managed and developed well and is also packaged as an object of tourism, it is possible to become a mainstay of valuable tourism assets for the Kendal government. parking areas, public toilets, and opening food stalls.

Locations Semawur Waterfall

Located on the border of Kendal and Batang Regency, precisely in Jiwan Hamlet, Blumah Village, Plantungan District, Kendal Regency, Central Java Province. Accessibility: Located about 33 km from the city of Semarang. To reach the location to the waterfall from the Jiwan hamlet, it is a short walk of about 2 km by walking for 1.5 hours and up and down.

Simawur waterfall is located in the Kendal district border with a stem but has entered the stem. The trip was taken approximately 2 hours from Sukorejo, including travel by vehicle and walking to the location. The trip was quite tiring because it had to walk more than 1 hour to see the beautiful waterfall simawur.

Quite difficult indeed to know the location of this waterfall because access to there is limited and there are no signs to get there. So our puree uses our tongue silat moves to get to the location. From village to village we have to diligently ask until we reach the last village and we are forced from there we cannot continue the journey using motorized vehicles because the terrain that is taken is not possible to pass by the vehicle.

starting from passing through a small forest, hillside, to down the river to get to the location. But all of that is not in vain because the scenery and atmosphere under the Simawur waterfall remove all sense of spite, tiredness, emotion, fear. truly beautiful and natural scenery. This waterfall itself has a fairly high altitude, just like the sewer waterfall if I thought. no garbage, disturbing pollution that makes the mood brighter again. so please try there and don’t get too easily desperate, because behind resentment and tiredness can be cured after reaching the location.

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