Sikunir Dieng Peak: The Best Sunrise from the Highest Village in Java

By | December 9, 2018

Dieng plateau tourism, of course, is no stranger to the ears of Indonesian travelers. Because in one tourist area, Dieng has quite diverse tourist attractions. starting from temples, tea plantations, craters, lakes and geological museums.

Sikunir Peak is one of the tourist spots that are still in the tourist area of ​​Dieng Plateau. There are interesting things at the summit of Sikunir because Sikunir is in the village of Sembungan, which is the highest village in the island of Java.

In addition to the summit of Sikunir, apparently, the village of Sembungan has a lake that is so beautiful, the lake of Cebong. the lake is still very clean, far from pollution and of course big fish hehe. the climbers usually use the edge of the lake Cebong to set up a tent before climbing the summit of Sikunir.

Location and Route to Sikunir Peak

It is not difficult to get to the summit of Sikunir because the Sikunir peak is in the village of Sembungan, still in the tourist area of ​​Dieng Plateau. Sembungan village is the highest village on the island of Java with the coordinates of -7.237758, 109.924938.

The route to the summit of Sikunir is quite easy. From any city, you will immediately head to the city of Wonosobo, if you have arrived at the town square of Wonosobo. just go straight to the Dieng line.

Arriving at the gate Dieng take the left towards the lake color. Continue straight towards the village of Sembungan. We recommend being careful because access to the village of Puncak Sikunir is still not smooth. Before entering the village, the access is still steep.

Facilities at Sikunir Peak

Facilities are very complete. To accommodate the booming tourists on weekends, the top management of Sikunir tourism in Sembungan village has prepared a very large parking lot and of course, its security is guaranteed.

Because Puncak Sikunir is famous for its sunrise, of course, we are heading there just after midnight. There, a very cheap homestay has to be prepared for the night, only 75,000 to 200,000 for groups of 10-30 people.

Toilet facilities, prayer rooms, food stalls are also complete. It seems that someone has forgotten, there are also motorcycle taxi drivers who are ready to take you from the parking lot to the climbing post at the Cebong lake, the tariff is quite cheap, only 5,000. Not bad because the distance from the parking lot to the climbing post is around 2 km: D. if walking is pretty tight.

One interesting thing at the summit of Sikunir. We are not charged tariffs to climb to the top of Sikunir, aka free. we will only be charged parking fees which we think are still within reasonable limits. Because it’s free don’t hesitate to just buy snacks that are made by residents of Sembungan Sikunir village, guys.

Cebongan lake climbing post.

Before going up to the summit of Sikunir we will be presented with the beauty of Cebongan Lake. the lake is still very natural with background the cliffs of the summit of Sikunir. Usually, the climbers set up tents on the edge of the Cebongan lake.

Guarded by Cebongan itself, there are small food stalls that are ready to pamper your stomach. hehe. Moreover, climbing takes approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour. There, the shop owner has prepared a campfire to just chase away the cold.

The new Cebongan lake climbing post will be opened by the management around 02.00 in the morning. The reason is simple, they only anticipate accidents or unexpected things that happen. Understand it because the hiking trail goes through cliffs and ravines.

Golden Sunrise tops Sikunir.

The hiking trail to the summit of Sikunir is not so difficult. the management has opened several lines. just follow the instructions. It’s just that we also have to bring a flashlight because there is no lighting at the top of the Sikunir.

According to the best golden sunrise Sikunir information, it will appear between the end of December and the beginning of January. so don’t be surprised if on those dates the summit of Sikunir is very crowded by climbers.

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