Takapala Waterfall Indonesia

By | February 22, 2020

Takapala Waterfall Indonesian, Indonesian Takapala Waterfall can be the right alternative for those of you who want to unwind and stress because the activities are so dense, especially if you as a person who likes tourism especially in the waterfall tour, then we recommend the beautiful Indonesia Takapala Waterfall that you should visit. This place offers panoramas as well as a natural atmosphere that soothes the heart and mind. Takapala Waterfall is still in the city of Makassar in the Makassar Malino Tourism Area with Malino Highlands, Birara Waterfall, and Lembana Waterfall.

This tourist attraction is located at an altitude of 880 meters above sea level, so the temperature here is quite cold. In addition, the hills and lush trees around the waterfall also add to the coolness in this place. Takapala Waterfall is open every day starting from 8 am to 5 pm.

For those of you who can’t wait to visit the beauty of this waterfall, you only need to prepare a budget of approximately 10,000 rupiahs. The fee will be used as an entrance ticket and pay for parking the vehicle. The parking area available at this place is quite large, so it can accommodate quite a lot of visitors’ vehicles.

When you are in this place you can do a variety of exciting activities, ranging from taking pictures in beautiful nature to playing water around the waterfall, but we recommend being extra careful considering the flow of waterfalls in this place is quite heavy. Once satisfied with playing water, you can eat a plate of snacks complete with a glass of hot coffee available in the stalls around.

Takapala Waterfall: Entrance Ticket Prices, Locations, Travel Routes and Facilities Available

Takapala Waterfall can also be your travel choice with your family. In this place, you and your family can enjoy the panorama and the natural atmosphere that is so beautiful. Coupled with a variety of interesting activities that can be done in this place. But before deciding to leave, you should refer to the information below regarding ticket prices to the following available facilities:

The price of admission to Takapala Waterfall

As we alluded to at the beginning of the discussion, where to visit this place we only need to spend 2,000 rupiahs as an entrance ticket. In addition, vehicle parking rates at the Takapala Waterfall Lokawisata are priced at 3,000 rupiahs for two-wheeled vehicles. And for four-wheeled vehicles, a parking fee of 5,000 rupiahs is charged.

Takapala Waterfall tourist location

The Takapala Waterfall is still included in the Malino Tourist Area. To visit this place you can travel to the village of Bonto Leung, Kec. Tinggiimoncong, Kab. Gowa, Prov. South Sulawesi. You can travel using a private vehicle, the access road to that location is pretty good, it’s just that you will find quite a lot of uphill, downhill, and winding roads. So, make sure the vehicle you use is in top condition.

Takapala Waterfall Travel Route

The route to Takapala Waterfall is actually quite easy. You can depart from downtown Makassar. After that, take directions towards Sungguminasa Terminal past Mallengkeri Terminal. Arriving around the Sungguminasa Terminal, you just choose the direction to Malino Village and there you will find a signpost to the entrance.

Facilities available at Takapala Waterfall

Speaking of existing facilities, Takapala Waterfall Lokawisata actually has quite complete facilities, ranging from toilets, bathrooms, to food stalls selling a variety of food and drinks. Not only that, but the manager of this place has also provided lodging facilities in the form of a villa located not far from the waterfall. You can use these facilities with family or relatives if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the night at Takapala Waterfall.

The charm of Takapala Waterfall is indeed amazing, plus the cool natural atmosphere and singing birds singing can get rid of all kinds of fatigue and stress due to activities that are so dense. This attraction can be the right destination for those of you who are confused about making tourist choices with your family. This Lokawisata is approximately 90 km from the center of Makassar. In addition, you can also rent facilities in the form of villas available in this place. The rental price must be paid starting from hundreds of thousands to one million rupiahs.

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