The benefits of genuine honey from preventing various diseases to adult men

By | August 20, 2019

Often we ignore the benefits of genuine honey, even we tend to not like to know the benefits of the original honey even though we often consume the original honey, real honey is indeed nowadays hard to get because most of the original honey is only in the forests only, because of the authenticity of the forest, the benefits of real honey are extraordinary to truly control the health of our body.

Do you know how many types of honey are there?
The types of honey are very abundant even though at first honey there is only one kind, namely honey from the original wasp, different from flower honey because actually honey in the flower is not honey but the starch from the plant is accommodated in flower petals.

Various uses and benefits of honey can no longer be denied, even since the time of the prophet alone it has been very useful and has also been explained in the scriptures also if honey is one of the thousands that exist in this nature. What benefits are there in real honey?

Benefits of honey for men

The benefits of honey for men may not be widely known to the general public, especially those who are single, but the benefits of honey for men today are very familiar to those who are married because it can make men more durable in bed.

The benefits of honey are not just one or two benefits, but honey is effective in treating and preventing many diseases coming to our bodies such as preventing premature ejaculation in an adult male and this also has no side effects at all because of the benefits of honey for men today does not contain chemicals at all.
Then how do you make honey effective for adult men and how do you consume it?

How to consume honey for adult men:

First: Pour the original honey into the glass, and about a quarter of a cup less.

Second: Add free-range chicken egg yolks 2 or 3 egg yolks.

Third: Add a little clove oil and a little salt.

Fourth: Stir until smooth and immediately drink until finished.

It is recommended to do this once a week so that your adult male stamina is maintained and stronger and very good at dealing with premature ejaculation.

This method has been very effective and proven since ancient times until now because before modern times like today, all modern medicines and various brands of drugs from the cheapest to the most expensive for the treatment of ancient times actually only use natural herbs added only by honey. just original.

Honey To treat various diseases.

Honey has been used as a natural medicine for hundreds of years ago. Honey contains natural antibacterial substances and has the ability to heal wounds and is anti-inflammatory. Honey also has the ability to fight infection and honey is also an antidiabetic substance, which is known to reduce glucose levels in the blood. Honey works as a traditional medicine that is good for coughs and colds. Not only that, but honey can also treat upper respiratory tract infections. Then in general what is the usefulness of honey what are the benefits? Let’s look at the explanation below.

Ten health benefits of consuming honey before going to bed.

1. Triggers the sleep hormone
Drinking honey before bed causes insulin levels to increase in small amounts. Insulin can stimulate the release of tryptophan in the brain. Tryptophan is then converted to serotonin, a hormone of relaxation and a good mood and makes you sleep well.

2. Keep your heart
The liver needs fuel at night. So honey is the perfect choice. Honey will make the liver produce glucose, which will trigger the release of many fat-burning hormones. Honey contains fructose and glucose, which is very good for liver further action at night.

3. Helps to lose weight
Honey serves as a fuel for the liver and makes the liver produce glucose. Taking honey before bed makes the body burn more fat at night. Raw honey only contains 64 calories per cup. This will give you a feeling of fullness at night.

4. Cough medicine
Honey is a good home remedy for treating coughs and colds. But, do you know, honey is also useful for treating coughs at night among children? Drinking two teaspoons of honey 30 minutes before going to bed will free you from coughing.

5. Helps digestion
Drinking honey with warm water before going to bed is one of the safest ways to help cleanse toxins in the body’s digestive system. Antimicrobials in raw organic honey can help kill harmful pathogens found in the intestine.

6. Overcoming hunger at night
Sometimes, after dinner, you still feel hungry late at night. The result is taking a bowl of chips or chocolate. But the best way to treat hunger at midnight is to drink honey before going to bed. The natural sugar in honey will increase blood sugar levels.

7. Honey for obesity
People who struggle with obesity can consume honey at night because honey is completely fat-free and will limit fat intake. Consuming warm water dipped in lemon with a teaspoon of honey will help reduce belly fat.

8. Honey for healthy skin
The antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties in honey make it an amazing medicine for having healthy skin. These properties help keep skin smooth and supple if you consume honey before going to bed.

9. Reducing the risk of diabetes
Consuming one teaspoon of honey before bedtime can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. If a diabetic drinks honey every night, it can even help treat it, because it helps reduce blood glucose levels.

10. Improve the immune system
Raw honey contains antioxidants that are good for fighting free radicals and preventing many diseases that attack the immune system. Honey is also rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that can prevent many diseases related to the heart and cancer.

Treatment of Honey for Health Benefits.

As explained above that is the efficacy of honey for health and also treatment, why should it be honey? Because honey has been explained in religion for health and is highly recommended by the prophet, and honey is also a natural medicine that does not use a chemical mixture at all so it will be a very loss if we do not consume honey in our daily lives.

Original honey prices

Why do we lose if we don’t consume honey? Because the price of real honey is very cheap, only around 250 thousand per bottle and our consumption is only just a spoonful of food every day before going to bed if in one large bottle the size of a 250 thousand soy sauce bottle contains tens of tablespoons so is it not very cheap? So from that, let us maintain the health of our body by consuming genuine honey every day without any chemical interference at all.

First a little note about real honey. Hopefully, our hearts will always be given health until the end of our lives. BECAUSE IT IS HEALTHY EXPENSIVE BECAUSE IT IS HEALTHY IS EVERYTHING IN LIFE.

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