Tourism Batang Tree House Tombo Bandar

By | November 24, 2018

Tombo BandarTourism in Batang Regency, which has been rising again in Jodo Beach and treehouse located in the village of Tombo Mbandar, this time will post a photo of the treehouse for Jodo Beach in the next post, for a photo of the Village House of Tombo. Stem.

Three house bandar

To get to tombo village, it is very easy to access because along the road that will pass to get to Tombo village it is easy, the asphalt is smooth almost all the way and there are almost no steep inclines. tombo village which is 20km from the city center of Batang has exotic natural beauty.

Tombo Bandar Tree House

For the people from the direction of the city Batang, Pekalongan, Limpung and Subah after the airport market turns right straight then just go to binagarut, before the swimming pool binagarut there is a junction then take the left and stay straight at the T-junction there will be a village direction Tombo, travel from the market bandar is only about 10 minutes.

To enter the tour of the tree house, a ticket is IDR 3000 and the parking is IDR 2000 and cheap isn’t hehe don’t confess to the Batang people if you have never toured Tombo Tree House don’t forget that the Tree House stop by the Bandar Ecopark pool with a new and cooler atmosphere.

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