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By | December 8, 2018

Sri Gunung’s natural tourism which offers romantic scenery. Suitable for family tours and young couples who are in love. The Proof of Srigunung Batang Tourism, besides being able to enjoy Sunset (Sunsets) you can also enjoy SunRise (Sunrise) and enjoy the views of Flowers and also a stretch of green hills overgrown Types of Typical Plantation of Batang Regency. It is best suited to this tourist attraction in the Banyuputih Srigunung Hill, which is Morning and Afternoon. If it is afternoon, you will enjoy the heat of the sun and some people doing paragliding training in Banyuputih District, Batang Regency.

Anything that is in Sri Gunung Banyuputih Batang Tourism
Surely Beautiful Scenery
Large Parking Area
and there are still many more who are guaranteed not to lose

Tourism Sri Gunung is located not far from the Pantura Subah Highway in Banyuputih Batang, just paying Rp. 3000 and parking for Rp. 2,000. You can spoil your eyes by looking at a stretch of flower plantations like rugs.

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Sri Gunung Tourism Location

The location of Srigunung Hill is located in Kedondong Hamlet, Kedawung Village, Banyuputih District, Kab.Batang, Central Java. It only takes a few minutes to reach this location. The easy location is from the PANTURA line (North Beach) Banyuputih and entering the road to Pantai Celong, around 500 M (on the right) there is a portal to direct you to the hills of Sri Gunung.All of that is supported by easy access. Before reaching the top, visitors have been treated to a winding journey through a not too steep ridge. Motorbikes and cars can enter easily because the road is wide. Even though it is still a 4 meter wide dirt road and only partially cast with cement, it is still easy to pass. Because most of the entrances have been cast.

This nature tour offers spectacular and amazing natural scenery. It is located on a hill so that the scenery can be separated without any hindrance If you look west and south, you can see the city of Subah and Limpung . North we can see the sea and fishing boats looking for fish.

Tourism Videos of Sri Gunung Banyuputih Batang

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